DF.9 anti-infantry battery (5)
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First appearance: Empire Strikes Back
Relations: Golan Arms
Manufactured by Golan Arms, the DF.9 was a fixed emplacement anti-infantry weapon. It incorporated a single DF.9 laser cannon mounted atop a four-meter tall cylindrical housing. The tower was composed of heavily-armored durasteel, with proton-shielding that was resistant to close-quarters blaster fire but useless against the firepower of an All Terrain Armored Transport. The tower featured a front access panel for access, and an upper observation hatch.
The turreted laser cannon employed precision targeting computers, and had a one-hundred and eighty degree rotation. The optimal range for the DF.9 was three kilometers, although the laser cannon was capable of hitting targets at a distance of sixteen kilometers at the cost of decreased accuracy. The DF.9 was capable of firing a shot every three seconds, although the beam diverged and degraded over its maximum range. The impact of the energy beam scattered explosive energy and produced a secondary blast of radiation. The collateral effect produced an eight-meter radius impact point that could effectively destroy entire squads of soldiers. The weapon produced more destructive firepower than heavy repeating blasters such as the E-Web heavy repeating blaster. The DF.9 required a crew of three to operate; a gunner who sat in the upper turret, a targeting computer technician and a technician to monitor the energy flow from the power generator, who were both housed in the armored tower. The weapon could be crewed by a single gunner, but the efficiency of the weapon was diminished. Skilled gunners could use the DF.9's accuracy to effectively disable army support systems and light vehicles, and it was devastating to foot soldiers and a threat to vehicles such as the All Terrain Scout Transport. The DF.9 was best used in conjunction with other similar units and anti-vehicle lasers to defend military bases, spaceports and other strategic installations. It could be installed on multiple terrain types. The nature of the DF.9's fixed emplacement meant that the unit was not able to be moved easily. The DF.9 spawned several variants, including the SP.9 Anti-Infantry Artillery Vehicle, the Twin DF.9, the Twin SP.9, and the DF.9/B.

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