DX-M2 (10)Full unit name: DX-M2
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
Model: MAGTR-A01 Assassin Droid
Programming: Male
Relations: Strike Team Oricon
Events: Dread War, Day of Dread, Spark of Hope, Haunted Paradise, Eye of Terror, The Darkening Stars
Known Facts (7)
Dread War (1)
Day of Dread (2)
Spark of Hope (1)
Haunted Paradise (1)
Eye of Terror (1)
The Darkening Stars (1)
"Identity confirmed. Their Republic security clearance supersedes my own".
- Dee-Ex to Sergeant Trila about the Republic operatives.

DX-M2 - Dee-Ex - was an advanced battle droid who was part of Strike Team Oricon, a Galactic Republic unit tasked with battling the forces of the Dread Masters on the moon Oricon. DX-M2 was equipped with a number of programming modules, including geo-scanning, neurobiologist, messenger, rescue, demolitionist, slicer, and warlord modules. He worked with Sergeant Tanye Trila to oversee the remains of the strike team after their disastrous approach to Oricon.


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Full unit name: DX-M2 Last updated: 12.10.2022 21:34:30