Malgus (5)Full unit name: Darth Malgus (Veradun)
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Relations: Sith Warrior
Sith Warrior
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
Known Facts (7)
Retaking Korriban (1)
Battle of Alderaan (GGW) (2)
Assault on the Jedi Temple (3653BBY) (2)
Duel between Darth Malgus and Aryn Leneer (2)
Darth Malgus was a human male Sith Lord of the resurgent Sith Empire during the time of the Great Galactic War
Great Galactic War
Great Galactic War (3681BBY - 3653BBY)
to the Third Galactic War. He was born under the name Veradun within Imperial space, and raised by his adoptive father. While still young, Veradun killed a Twi'lek
Sentient Species
servant on his father's estate, revealing the dark will behind his sensitivity to the Force. The young boy was subsequently sent to the Sith Academy on the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas
Dromund Kaas
, where he became a Sith Warrior
Sith Warrior
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
and a successful commander of the Imperial Military
Imperial Army (Sith Empire)
Reconstituted Sith Empire
. During a trip to the Outer Rim world of Geonosis
, Veradun discovered the Twi'lek slave girl Eleena Daru and took her as his own. Although she was technically his slave, the two fell in love with one another and fought side by side in many battles during the Great Galactic War against the Galactic Republic. Veradun later eschewed his birth name and adopted the Sith moniker of Darth Malgus.
In the beginning, Malgus and his master Vindican had led the victorious recapture
Retaking Korriban
Great Galactic War (3681BBY - 3653BBY)
of the Sith world Korriban
, before the former struck down the latter for being injured at the hands of Jedi Master
Jedi Order
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
Kao Cen Darach. At the height of the war, Malgus led a surprise assault
Battle of Alderaan (GGW)
Great Galactic War (3681BBY - 3653BBY)
on the Core World of Alderaan
; though initially successful, Malgus and his forces were defeated in a concentrated Republic counterattack led by his nemesis from Korriban, future Grand Master Satele Shan. The Sith Lord was heavily wounded during the battle, and was forced to wear a respirator for the remainder of his life. In 3653 BBY, the Empire entered into sham peace negotiations with the Republic, which were truthfully nothing more than a distraction from the Sith's true target: the Republic capital of Coruscant
. Malgus was chosen by his superior Darth Angral to participate in the attack on Coruscant as the leader of a strike team that would invade
Assault on the Jedi Temple (3653BBY)
Great Galactic War (3681BBY - 3653BBY)
the Jedi Temple. Malgus succeeded in killing a substantial number of Jedi defenders - including Jedi Master Ven Zallow, who has been recognized as Malgus's most notable kill - before the Sith fleet arrived to lay waste to the rest of the world. By the end of the engagement, the Sith had destroyed the Jedi Temple, killed half of the members of the Jedi High Council, and disgraced the Jedi Order in the eyes of the Republic.


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