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First appearance: Star Wars : Dark Empire
The Eclipse was the first Eclipse-class dreadnought ever constructed and the lead ship and prototype of its class. It was built as a flagship for Emperor Palpatine
Major Characters
, who used it after being reborn into one of his clone bodies. Both a powerful technological tool and a potent psychological weapon, the Eclipse boasted a planet's worth of weaponry and was almost unstoppable. The Eclipse was equipped with a bevy of weapons and other technologies, including gravity well projectors, but chief among its weapons was an axial superlaser, capable of cracking a planet's crust or destroying a capital ship in a single blow. For much of its existence, the Eclipse was under construction around the planet Kuat
. Crime lord Tyber Zann captured the vessel from Imperial forces in 4 ABY to retrieve data from its memory banks, and abandoned it shortly thereafter, realizing that it would present far too big of a target to both Imperial and Rebel forces. The ship was later moved to Byss, where the reborn Emperor Palpatine took control of it as his personal battlestation and flagship. The Eclipse led an assault on the New Republic stronghold of Da Soocha V
Da Soocha V
in 10 ABY, and in the battle was destroyed by one of Palpatine's Force storms.


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Full unit name: Eclipse I Last updated: 01.03.2023 12:00:53