Establishing A Beachhead (4 ABY) (2)
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First appearance: Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron : In the Empire's Service
Happened during: Brentaal Campaign (4ABY)
Relations: Brentaal IV
Shortly after the capture of the moonbase, Baron Fel - along with the rest of the 181st - arrived on Brentaal IV. Their arrival was noted by Dendo's intelligence team, who passed the information back to New Republic command. Establishing his headquarters in Vuultin, Fel was initially impressed by Admiral Isoto's efforts to comply with his request for better city defenses by constructing hardened missile sites and a launch bunker for his group's fighters. However, Isoto's lack of talent when it came to military tactics and strategy became apparent when he insisted that the New Republic's next target would be Vuultin itself since it was where he had made his headquarters. Fel argued that the city of Oradin, to the west of Vuultin, was the logical target since it had extensive spaceport facilities that the Republic would need if they wanted to land troops in large numbers. Isoto relented, allowing Fel to deploy his unit as he saw fit, but ordered him to leave a flight or two at the capital in case he was wrong. On the Brentaal IV moonbase, Admiral Ackbar briefed his forces on their attack plan for the planet itself. The strategy called for the capture of the city of Oradin and its spaceports, exactly as Fel had predicted. Aggressor Wing would be used to safeguard the strike force, while Rogue Squadron would feint at the capital of Vuultin. With intelligence placing Fel at the capital, it was hoped that Rogue Squadron would engage the 181st, stopping them from hitting the assault force headed for Oradin. Rogue Squadron assaulted Vuultin at sundown, engaging two flights from the 181st Third Squadron and ground defenses. Captain Wedge Antilles reported that the opposition was light, resulting in reserves being allocated to the Oradin theater. Even with enemy forces attacking his capital, Isoto ordered his capital ships to move to the night side of the planet, away from the New Republic forces. Despite the light opposition, two Rogue Squadron pilots - Wes Janson and the Mon Calamari Ibtisam - were shot down. Both survived the loss of their craft, going to ground outside of Vuultin. While Rogue Squadron hit Vuultin, Colonel Salm led his Y-wings against Oradin's defenses.
With jamming coming from the city itself, it was believed that any attack would come from that direction. However, Fel led his interceptors in strafing runs against the Y-wings from behind, inflicting heavy casualties. Tasking his second in command, Major Turr Phennir, to lead his squadron in an attack on the assault carriers on approach to the city, Fel intended to eliminate the Republic fighters with his own squadron. Receiving a communication from Isoto, Fel was ordered to break off the attack and return to Vuultin to protect the admiral from Rogue Squadron's attack. Fel argued that they could not, as the main assault was at Oradin, but Isoto insisted. Despite Phennir's suggestion to ignore the command, Fel obeyed his orders and withdrew. Phennir's squadron performed rearguard duty, inflicting massive damage to the city as they pulled out. With the 181st headed for Vuultin, Rogue Squadron was ordered to withdraw from their assault on the capital and regroup with the fleet in case Fel and his unit were being sent to attack them. Antilles protested that they had people on the ground, and fleet command informed him that rescue assets had been notified of the situation. Rogue Squadron disengaged and headed for orbit. Meanwhile, Republic forces captured Oradin, and immediately set up a garrison and a makeshift hospital. During the fighting, Major Phennir had single-handedly shot down an assault transport, and the craft had gone down into a school. Casualties from Aggressor Wing, the transport, and the school were being treated at the hospital, which was helped by the fact that kiloliter drums of bacta had been discovered. Outside of Vuultin, Janson and Ibtisam were picked up by members of Dendo's intelligence team - however, they were dressed in stormtrooper armor so the pair thought they had been captured by Imperial forces. Following the attack on Vuultin, Dendo was performing a damage assessment mission, and since he was not at their headquarters when the two Rogues were brought in, the pilots were kept isolated so they could not compromise the intelligence team's safety. Once Dendo returned, he informed Janson and Ibtisam of the situation, and sent a message to the Republic forces informing them of their survival. When the two Rogues inquired about rejoining their unit, Dendo replied that he could not spare the men to ferry them back, as they had a big operation planned for the next day. First, they would be hitting a massive construction droid that was being used to construct defenses for Vuultin, and then they would be attempting to get Isoto - alive, if possible. Dendo told the two pilots that they could do more good for the campaign assisting him, and they agreed.


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