Friends of Old (3)
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First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
Relations: Talus


At some point of time during Galactic Civil War a team of rebels led by Gideon Argus arrived to Talus in response to the call from the Saber Team, SpecForce team which was founded by Argus himself some time ago. Argus was reluctant to go at first because of a botched mission along with Saber which led to him being accused of treachery, but finally he decided that a request for help from fellow Rebels is more important. As it was expected the planet was under attack and Argus' transport had a hard time avoiding TIE fighters during the landing. Also it clearly confirmed the rumors that there was a traitor in Rebel midst. The area around was full of Imperials with no signs of Saber team. It took rescuers a lot of time to find all the Saber members while fighting Imperial stormtroopers and probe droids, but at the end mission was a total success. The reunion between Gideon and his comrades began with awkward apologies. After, however, drinks and stories began to flow and old friendship was mended. Next day both rescuers and Saber team successfully evacuted from the planet.

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Argus, Gideon

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Campaign Guide (SWI01)
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Argus, Gideon | Imperial Stormtrooper | Talus | Rebel Alliance Special Forces

There is a strong feel that the picture shows not Tralus but Endor, but at least it doesn't explicitly contradict anything

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