GAR Clone Trooper, Phase II Armor (74)Full unit name: GAR Clone Trooper, Phase II Armor
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First appearance: Revenge of the Sith
Revenge of the Sith
Phase II clone trooper armor was an enhanced version of the Phase I clone trooper armor
GAR Clone Trooper, Phase I Armor
Grand Army of the Republic
. After the Clone Wars, it was gradually replaced by stormtrooper
Imperial Stormtrooper
Galactic Empire Military
armor. It incorporated all of its predecessor's systems in addition to polarized lenses, padding, and stronger, lighter armor plates. It could also support more modular attachments, making it superior to its predecessor. Unlike early iterations of the Phase I armor, color was used to denote unit affiliation instead of rank. Phase II armor was introduced around 21 BBY, and slowly replaced Phase I armor in the months following. Phase II armor was the basis of the stormtrooper armor later worn by the soldiers of Emperor Palpatine
Major Characters
's Empire. The new armor incorporated a more advanced air filtration and oxygen supply system, polarized lenses, and an annunciator to make speech more comprehensible. In addition, the boots were magnetized and incorporated a grav-field alternator to ensure stability. Another useful feature was that the armor and the bodysuit could be pressurized, allowing the clones to fight longer in a vacuum environment than its predecessor.


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Full unit name: GAR Clone Trooper, Phase II Armor Last updated: 17.04.2024 10:50:21