The Destruction of Haven (3)
Basic info
First appearance: FFG Imperial Assault - Return to Hoth
Happened during: IA - Return to Hoth Campaign
Relations: Ison
Despite all the attempts of Rebel operatives to divert Empire's attention from Ison, General Sorin finally mounted a full scale assault on the village in a retaliation. Rebel operatives and assisting soldiers were able to delay Empire's advance long enough for the evacuation to complete, but in the end the village was completely destroyed, many villagers have been perished. It also became known, that Benex, leader of the village, sold to the Empire all information about Alliance he had when he was captured, with only purpose to save his village from the destruction - which ultimately didn't help much.
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Rebel Alliance Hoth Trooper | Ison | DF.9 anti-infantry battery

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AT-AT | Ison

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Return to Hoth
Return to Hoth

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