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First appearance: Thrawn Trilogy, Book 1 - Heir to the Empire
Thrawn Trilogy, Book 1 - Heir to the Empire
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Imperial Intelligence, abbreviated as Imperial Intel or I.I., and also known as Military Intelligence, was the central intelligence service of the Galactic Empire and its successor organizations. It was dedicated to collecting information, secret and otherwise, for the Imperial government and was a rival to the Imperial Security Bureau
Imperial Security Bureau
Galactic Empire
. Organized into central bureaus, themselves divided into divisions, and with various other units and operations in addition to the central bureaus, Imperial Intelligence was at its peak performance during the twenty-three year rule of Galactic Emperor Palpatine
Major Characters
from 19 BBY until 4 ABY. The agency lost its prominence in galactic affairs after the death of Palpatine at the Battle of Endor
Battle over Endor
(Endor Campaign)
Galactic Civil War
and after its leadership, central bureaucracy, and most of its top level operatives were killed during the Imperial Civil War which lasted from Palpatine's death until 12 ABY. Though Imperial Intelligence's central organization was largely gutted, individual agents and analysts continued their operations in the following decades providing information and services for the various Warlords, Moffs, Heads of State, and other leaders of the Imperial Remnant. Its size and strength returned under the Fel Empire and the later New Galactic Empire.


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Full unit name: Imperial Intelligence Last updated: 10.02.2024 13:41:06