Jedi Council Meeting (Infant of Shaa crisis) (3)
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First appearance: Star Wars : Zam Wesell
Relations: Coruscant
The meeting was held in Jedi Temple on Coruscant in 27 BBY. It became known to the Jedi that Ashaar Khorda, Annoo-Dat radical and revolutionary, has obtained a mysterious weapon of great power and intended to strike against Republic. The informants were unable to pinpoint the target, but Jedi have been able to narrow the list of targets - Alderaan, Corellia and Coruscant. Oppo Rancisis volunteered to protect Corellia, Eeth Koth chose Alderaan, and Mace Windu - Coruscant. But Yarael Poof reasoned with Windu that he is more capable because his mental abilities are well honed and could be advantageous in such endeavor, with what Windu agreed without taking offense.
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