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First appearance: Edge of the Empire : Suns of Fortune


Jostero was a male privateer and the captain of the Silestro Privateers during the Galactic Civil War. His headquarters was in the Rayless Lantern, an asteroid in the Pirate's Shadow belt. During the war, he challenged Tala, a pilot, to a swoop race. The privateers planned on killing Tala and her comrades and taking their belongings, no matter the outcome of the race. Tala won the race, but before the privateers could attack the trio, a speeder belonging to the Corellian Security Force arrived and both parties involved in the race fled. Later, Jostero tried to board a starship belonging to adventurers working for Gustip, the majordomo to the billionaire businessman and crime lord, Baron Benton Kaldo. He used his ship the Bloodblade, a Firespray-31-class, and two CloakShape fighters. Jostero also owned and piloted a Kihraxz assault fighter with a customized paint job.

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Captain Jostero | Kihraxz Fighter (Unique)
Captain Jostero | Kihraxz Fighter (Unique)
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Kihraxz-class Assault Fighter | GX1 Short Hauler | [FFG Ship 001] | [FFG Ship 002]

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