Derek Klivian (5)
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First appearance: A New Hope
Species: Human
Relations: Rogue Squadron, Rebel Alliance Pilot, Imperial Fighter Pilot, Red Squadron
Events: The Destruction of Lark, Mutiny on the Rand Ecliptic, Strike at Incom Facility, Battle of Hoth, Battle over Endor, Attack on Firith Olan's Hideout (Tatooine)
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Battle over Endor (1)
Attack on Firith Olan's Hideout (Tatooine) (1)
Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, native to Ralltiir, was a longtime officer in Rogue Squadron and a well-respected pilot. As a young man, he attended Prefsbelt Fleet Camp with dreams of becoming an Imperial pilot. At the academy, he made friends with Biggs Darklighter, who persuaded him to oppose the Galactic Empire as tyrannical. When he graduated from Prefsbelt, Klivian was commissioned as executive officer aboard the Rand Ecliptic. There, he led a cell of mutineers that took over the ship, and he defected to the burgeoning Alliance to Restore the Republic with Darklighter. Klivian was ill when his best friend died in the Battle of Yavin, but afterward was recruited by Darklighter's childhood friend Luke Skywalker to join Rogue Squadron. Klivian served with distinction, fighting in the battles of Hoth and Endor, and earned a reputation as a skilled, if crash-prone, pilot and a notorious skeptic.
When the Rebel Alliance became the New Republic, Derek Klivian continued serving until Rogue Squadron was disbanded. He then served with his close friend Wes Janson as a training officer for some time before rejoining the recommissioned Rogue Squadron under his longtime comrade Wedge Antilles after temporarily serving as Rogue Leader himself during the period when Antilles resigned. There he served for a dozen more years, battling various warlords and threats to the New Republic and serving as a vital part of the four-pilot delegation that brought Adumar into the New Republic. In 19 ABY, once peace with the Imperial Remnant had been reached, Klivian retired after approximately twenty years of service to the New Republic and Rebel Alliance.


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Soontir Fel | Imperial Fighter Pilot | Rebel Alliance Pilot

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Rebel Alliance Pilot
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