LE-BO2D9 (5)
Basic info
First appearance: Shadows of the Empire (Video Game)
Species/Type: LE-series Repair Droid
LE-BO2D9, nicknamed Leebo, was a Cybot Galactica LE-series repair droid owned by Dash Rendar during the Galactic Civil War. Being a basic issue of LE repair droid, Leebo worked in Esseles starport as a safety standards inspector. At one time, an unknown transport vessel took off while being checked by the droid, making Leebo an unwilling stowaway. From that moment forward, LE-BO2D9 began to work as a ship mechanic, going from one owner to another throughout the years. He served multiple masters and each of them updated his abilities and skills, allowing Leebo to do more and more. Finally, he came to the hands of Corellian pilot and mercenary Dash Rendar. Dash acquired the droid as payment from the Rodian comedian Kood Gareeda, and Dash seemed to believe his new possession acquired his former master's dry sense of humor. Leebo accompanied Dash during his trip to Hoth, piloting his light freighter, Outrider, away from Echo Base and into the Hoth asteroid field following the Imperial attack. He later aided Dash during his escapades on Ord Mantell, Gall, on bodyguard mission to protect Luke Skywalker given by Princess Leia and assault on Imperial freighter, Suprosa, always guarding Outrider while offering Dash advice during his travels. He also piloted the ship above Coruscant at the Battle over Coruscant, while Rendar was manning the gun turret. At the end of the dogfight, Rendar's Outrider apparently exploded after being hit by a huge piece of space debris. Leebo was present inside the cockpit of the Outrider when Rendar made a last-second escape into hyperspace, avoiding destruction in the maelstrom of debris from the exploded Falleen's Fist.
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Outrider (V.OUT2)
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0732 : Unit : LE-BO2D9
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Outrider (YT-2400 Light Freighter) | YT-2400 Light Freighter
LE-series Repair Droid
LE-series Repair Droid

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