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First appearance: Star Wars Galaxies : Jump to Lightspeed
Relations: Mandalorian
MandalMotors was a Mandalorian company located on the Outer Rim world of Mandalore. Founded by the Mandalorian general Gustav Zenlav, MandalMotors grew to be a large corporation, headed by a board of executives under the authority of a single CEO. The company was headquartered in Mandalore's capital city, Keldabe, where its hundred-meter-tall tower adorned with their unmistakable business logo became a well-known landmark around the city. MandalMotors was primarily a manufacturer of starships, although the Mandalorian corporation was also notable for the creation of several speeder models, gunships, and at least one class of ground-based tank. Over time, MandalMotors developed a reputation for its outstanding ship designs and powerful military vessels.
A largely neutral company, MandalMotors was a driving force behind the economy of Mandalore, and sold its many products to any interested party willing to pay the necessary credits. Mandalorian police units took to the company's Pursuer-class enforcement ships, while the radical Mandalorian Death Watch group were known to make use of Kom'rk-class fighter/transports. When Mandalore the Resurrector came to power late in the Clone Wars, the Mandalore and his army seized MandalMotors' facilities solely for use by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, with whom he had aligned the Mandalorians against the Galactic Republic in their galaxy-spanning war. Under the Galactic Empire that was born from the Republic, MandalMotors came under the sway of an Imperial Advisor forcefully placed on the company's board, and produced dungeon ships for the galactic regime. After the Empire fell, MandalMotors became an ally of the New Republic, supplying several member worlds with military craft. When a lode of the precious and incredibly resistant iron ore known as beskar was found on Mandalore in the aftermath of the Yuuzhan Vong War, MandalMotors' work with the rare metal became the catalyst that elevated the Mandalorian world into a state of economic resurgence.

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