Message from Luke (Da Soocha V) (3)
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First appearance: Star Wars : Dark Empire
Relations: Da Soocha V
At Pinnacle Base Han Solo introduced the fighter pilots to their new fighter crafts - A-9 interceptors and E-Wing fighters, while Chewbacca tinkering with one of the E-Wings trying to recalibrate fighter's cannons. The urgent communication to Alliance Command has been received from Mon Calamari - Star Destroyer Emancipator has just been destroyed by one of the World Devastators. At that very moment, Leia through the Force, received a vision from her brother, Luke, who was recently captured by a Force storm on Coruscant and whose whereabouts were unknown. As soon as Luke told Leia that he chose to follow the path their farther took and it was the only way to succeed and urged Leia not to try to find him, another presence - a dark one - intervened with the vision and Leia collapsed, unconsciousness. Thanks to C-3PO, Leia was quickly transferred to the medical bay and Mon Mothma along with C-3PO hastened to one of the base hangars to summon Solo. Solo left the hangar and ran towards the medbay, but when he entered followed by Mon Mothma, Leia was already awake. She told her husband about her vision and that she was sure they needed to find Luke who was in great danger. Although Solo was sceptical about the idea, but Leia assured him that she could find Luke using the Force and Mon Monthma supported her, saying that Luke is the only Jedi and without the Jedi their cause will be lost for sure. The next day Han, Leia, Chewie and C-3PO bid farewell to General Rieekan and Mon Mothma and then Millennium Falcon set out to find Luke Skywalker.
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A-9 Vigilance Interceptor | Da Soocha V

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A-9 Vigilance Interceptor | E-Wing Escort Starfighter | New Republic Military | Da Soocha V

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