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Basic info
First appearance: Knights of the Old Republic 2 : The Sith Lords (Video Game)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Was born on: Nar Shaddaa
Relations: Bounty Hunter, Meetra Surik's Followers
Mira was a female human bounty hunter from the moon Nar Shaddaa, serving as one of the followers of Meetra Surik, the Jedi Exile during her search for lost Jedi Masters in 3951 BBY. She was a fast-talking, no-nonsense woman. Despite this, she had sympathy for all life and due to this, never killed unless absolutely necessary. All of this due to the fact she related to them and knew what it would be like to lose family like she had lost on Malachor V. When she joined with Surik, she began to kill more easily and did not find it comforting in the very least.
Mira dressed in tight, revealing leather, which she said helped to distract her targets. She was described as "shapely" by Vogga the Hutt, which implies that her physical features were considered attractive for a human female. She was good at what she did, and joked that if she became a Jedi, she would have to turn herself in for the credits.
Mira was an exceptional tracker and demolitionist. When given a target, she would "listen" for her target and get a feel for him. Due to her Force-sensitivity, she felt the natural flow of life on Nar Shaddaa and knew where her targets were going to be even before they did. Her demolition skills derive from her entire youth as a Mandalorian slave hauling around mines and munitions, learning how they work. Her knowledge with mines and other man-portable explosives granted her the uncanny ability to safely navigate minefields if she was given the chance to survey the area ahead.


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