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First appearance: Tales of the Jedi : The Freedon Nadd Uprising
The Miraluka were a near-human, Force-sensitive species. Their language was Miralukese, although many, like Visas Marr, former Jedi Galen Besk and the Dark Jedi Jerec, preferred Basic. They differed from humans in that they lacked eyes, only retaining vestigial eye sockets, and perceived the environment around them through Force sight instead of regular vision. This vision was so strong that if a Miraluka looked upon a Jedi or Sith, they could "see" Force radiating off them. The strength of a Miraluka's connection to the Force varied by individual. Miraluka could interbreed with baseline humanity. Humans with Miraluka blood included Krynda and Lucien Draay. It was said that such mating would result in difficulties for the offspring.


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Full unit name: Miraluka Last updated: 03.08.2022 23:33:51