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Arriving at Jedha, Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor agreed that K2 should stay behind on the ship so that they could blend in with the crowds of the Holy City more easily. After entering the city, Jyn was surprised to find that Andor was relying on the hope of her name being enough to get a meeting with Saw Gerrera, being told in response that "rebellions are built on hope." Shortly after, Jyn encountered Chirrut Imwe, a blind male human who called her over. Imwe told her about the Guardians of the Whills and their great temple, and how the Empire was at Jedha for the planet's kyber crystals. Her conversation was cut short when Andor called her over, telling her to keep her focus on the mission.
Walking further, the pair came to a street where they noticed an Imperial combat assault tank guarded by several stormtroopers approaching. Out of the corner of her eye, Jyn spotted several people armed with weapons atop the surrounding buildings. Suddenly the Imperials were attacked from all sides. Andor, spotting one of the insurgents preparing to throw an explosive, shot the rebel, causing him to fall and detonate the explosive inside a group of insurgents, providing enough distraction for Jyn to escape to cover. With the insurgents neutralizing the last of the Imperial forces surrounding the tank, they retrieved the kyber crystals being transported on board.
As Jyn and Andor tried to escape, a group of stormtroopers caught up with them. Finding cover in the indent of a building, Jyn extended her baton and struck a pair of stormtroopers down; using a scavenged E-11 blaster rifle, Jyn fired at another pair of troopers approaching from around the corner before turning and shooting a KX-series security droid. The droid fell, revealing K-2SO standing behind, chagrined at the fact that she might have shot him. Walking over to one of the stormtroopers recovering from being struck by Jyn, K2 caught the soldier's grenade mid-flight and threw it backwards into a group of approaching troopers, all the while chastising them for their decision to leave him on the ship.
Rounding a corner, the trio found themselves in front of another stormtrooper patrol. One of the stormtroopers ordered K2 to tell him where he was taking the "prisoners." Before he could answer, the troopers told K2 they would handle the prisoners. Before they could, however, the blind monk that had spoken to Jyn approached the group. Ordered to stay back by one of the stormtroopers, Imwe kept walking. As the troopers fired, the robed man used his hands and his staff strike the soldiers down, using some of them as cover from blaster bolts. When the last trooper was down, another group came around the corner but were suddenly killed when a human named Baze Malbus, armed with a heavy repeater cannon, came up from behind. With the fighting ended, several of Gerrera's insurgents approached. Jyn demanded to speak with Gerrera, telling the rebels that she was Galen Erso's daughter. Speaking in an alien language, one of the insurgents ordered they all be restrained and brought to Gerrera.
Having arrived by foot at Gerrera's hidden base far from the city, Andor, Imwe and Malbus were placed in a cell adjacent to the one holding the Imperial defector, while Jyn was led to Gerrera. Coming face to face, Gerrera greeted her but noticed her obvious anger. Asking if they were still friends, Jyn remained incredulous at him for abandoning her, which Gerrera defended by telling her that her history endangered him and his insurgency, just as much as she was endangered by being with them. Asking why she was at Jedha, Jyn explained the task she was set by the Alliance.
Taking out a small holoprojector, Gerrera placed it on the ground and activated it, producing a hologram recording of Jyn's father. The message played, revealing that Galen had accepted a job to develop the superweapon equipped battle station, which the Empire was calling the Death Star, in order to purposefully engineer a flaw in the form of a vulnerable thermal exhaust port leading directly to the station's reactor. Galen went on to speak directly to his daughter, causing Jyn to burst into tears. He said that in order to find the exhaust port, one had to steal the station's plans. As the message ended, the building began to shake violently and Andor, who had escaped with Imwe, Malbus and the former Imperial pilot, Bodhi Rook, ran up to her and told her that they needed to leave. Regaining composure, Jyn told Gerrera to come with them, but he refused, telling her that he was done running. As the group escaped towards the vast wall of rubble created by the Death Star's test firing on the holy city, K2 landed the U-wing in front of them and allowed the five of them to board the vessel before escaping into hyperspace.
While in hyperspace, Andor received a transmission from the Alliance informing him that the assassination operation was still in effect. With Bodhi having informed them that Galen was currently on the storm-stricken planet of Eadu, Jyn told them about the hologram message and that they need to find him. However, Andor had doubts and asked her if she had the message on her. Jyn told him everything happened so fast during their escape, and that she didn't have a chance to retrieve it. Asking if anyone else saw the message, Andor received shaking heads, causing Jyn to become angry and admonish them for not believing her.


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