Myrkr (5)
Basic info
First appearance: Thrawn Trilogy, Book 1 - Heir to the Empire
Homeworld of: Vornskr, Ysalamir
Myrkr was a forested world, located fairly close to the galaxy's major population centers in the outskirts of the Inner Rim Territories. It was close to the borders with the Expansion Region and relatively near to the planet of Wayland. It was believed to be the homeworld of the Neti species, although the Neti established a colony on Ryyk some time prior to 4000 BBY, apparently abandoning Myrkr. Since the planet attracted little attention, it was frequently visited by smugglers, fugitives and all kinds of other outlaws, which were known to build secret bases in the depths of Myrkr's forests. Myrkr was primarily a forested world, located in the Myrkr system of the Inner Rim Territories. Its forests were home to the ysalamiri lizard-like creatures, which were known to posses the ability to "push back" the Force. Other indigenous animals that were present on the planet's surface included the vornskr, a deadly whip-tailed creature which used the energy field of the Force to hunt and track its prey. The planet also possesed unique trees, which were known to have a high metal content and systematically interferred with many sensor scan devices. Myrkr's forested surface also had some urban areas like the unobtrusive port town of Hyllyard City. Although it served as the largest urban settlement and the commercial hub of the planet, its inhabitants mostly consisted of smugglers, malcontents and fugitives from other worlds.


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