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First appearance: Star Wars Legacy : Broken, part 1
Species: Nagai
Relations: Sith Warrior
Events: Massacre at Ossus
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Darth Nihl was a Nagai male Sith Lord serving in Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire during the Sith–Imperial War and the Second Imperial Civil War. A former Nagai warlord, Nihl had been recruited into the One Sith by Darth Krayt, and was initially made into his Fist, or military leader. However, this changed when Krayt's Hand, or enforcer, died, and Nihl was promoted to the position in 130 ABY as a result. One of Nihl's first missions was leading the assault on the Jedi Praxeum at Ossus, in which he killed Jedi Master Kol Skywalker and mortally wounded the Zabrak Master Wolf Sazen. Nihl returned to Coruscant and participated in Krayt's ascension to Galactic Emperor, in which the former Emperor of the Fel Empire, Roan Fel, was thought to be slain, although he actually survived. Over the next seven years, Nihl acted as Krayt's top enforcer over the galaxy, until the Dark Lord promoted another, Darth Talon, to also serve in the position of Hand. Talon was sent to capture Fel's daughter, Marasiah, and Nihl was sent to reinforce her during the confrontation on Vendaxa between the Sith, Fel, Imperial Knights, and the Jedi who aided them. Skywalker's son, the bounty hunter Cade was among those who aided Fel, and confronted Nihl during the battle on Vendaxa, hoping to kill the Sith Lord for revenge over his father's death. Though Nihl did not defeat Skywalker, he later captured the bounty hunter when Skywalker infiltrated the Temple of the Sith to rescue the Bothan Jedi Knight Hosk Trey'lis. While Krayt attempted to turn Skywalker to the dark side of the Force, Nihl expressed doubts with Krayt's decisions, especially his obsession over Skywalker. Skywalker subsequently escaped, and the Emperor's Hand was sent to defeat him in combat. Nihl was bested in a duel, and had his right arm chopped off while Skywalker escaped. As a result, he was stripped of his title of Hand for his failure to defeat Skywalker and was put under Darth Maladi's charge so that she could perform experiments on him using Yuuzhan Vong biots.
Darth Nihl was later summoned to the planet Wayland by Maladi, with whom he engaged in a discussion about the current state of the One Sith Order following Darth Krayt's defeat during the battle on Had Abbadon. Nihl left for Korriban at Maladi's suggestion, to determine the truth about Darth Krayt's demise, something of which Nihl himself was unsure. After arriving on Korriban and entering the Sith temple's Stasis Room where Krayt supposedly rested, Nihl, alongside Darth Talon, discovered only Krayt's empty armor - leaving them considerably interested in the whereabouts of the Dark Lord of the Sith. Nihl contacted Darth Wyyrlok soon afterward and told him that Lord Krayt's body was missing, and later accompanied the Chagrian when he arrived to investigate. Claiming that Krayt must have been murdered by a member of the One Sith, Wyyrlok and Nihl conspired to maintain the secrecy of Krayt's apparent demise. Nihl, now acting in the role of Wyyrlok's foremost advisor while he assumed leadership of the Sith, was assigned to find the also missing Darth Talon, whom Wyyrlok suggested might be responsible for whatever fate had befallen Darth Krayt. His search led him to Korriban, where he found and dueled Talon within the depths of the tombs of the ancient Sith. A resurrected Darth Krayt revealed himself just then, and unveiled his plan to crush the rebellion once and for all to both Nihl and Talon. The two joined the Dark Lord as he stormed Coruscant to confront the usurper Darth Wyyrlok, and Nihl cut down several of those Sith loyal to the Chagrian while Wyyrlok himself was dispatched by Darth Krayt. Nihl was later given command of a contingent of the Dark Lord's elite Sith troopers as Imperial forces prepared to lay siege to the hidden Jedi Temple on Taivas. When the Dark Lord's trap was sprung, Nihl dispatched the troopers, who cut through friend and foe without regard as they descended upon the planet. The Nagai later led the Sith troopers in a counterattack against the allied force's ambuscade of Coruscant. Darth Krayt was, however, killed in battle against Cade Skywalker, at which point Darth Nihl commanded the execution of all of Krayt's troopers. In the wake of the enemy's victory, Nihl retreated to an undisclosed location and ordered the remnants of the defeated One Sith into hiding with a new purpose: the destruction of their enemies from within.


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