Pablo-Jill (2)
Basic info
First appearance: Attack of the Clones
Species: Ongree
Relations: Jedi Order
Events: Geonosis Arena Battle, Battle of Geonosis, Battle of Coruscant (ROTS)
Pablo-Jill was an Ongree male native to the Skustell Cluster who served as a Jedi Knight and General during the Clone Wars. Famed for bringing peace and order to the lawless planet of Ord Mantell early in his Jedi career, he participated in the Battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY, where over two hundred members of the Jedi Order battled the vast droid armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Pablo-Jill was one of few on his side to survive, though he became separated from the bulk of his fellow Jedi during the fighting.
Three years later, he led a daring attempt to rescue Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from the clutches of the commander of the Separatist Droid Army, General Grievous, over Coruscant. Many of the other Jedi gave up, but Pablo-Jill continued in his efforts to intercept Grievous's tri-wing shuttle, and eventually dueled with the cyborg aboard the Separatist flagship, Invisible Hand. Grievous proved too strong for the Ongree Jedi Knight, however, and killed him. After the duel, Pablo-Jill's body was launched into space for all the Republic forces to see.


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Tags (2)

Ongree | Jedi Order

Tags (2)

Ongree | Jedi Order

Geonosis Arena Battle
Geonosis Arena Battle

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