Rise of Darth Vader (3)
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First appearance: Revenge of the Sith
Relations: Coruscant
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After he recovered Anakin Skywalker on Mustafar, Palpatine returned him to Coruscant via shuttle and repaired the damage to his body through intensive cybernetic enhancements at the Surgical Reconstruction Center. The Emperor ordered the medical droids to keep him awake during the agonizing reconstructive surgery so the pain would fuel his rage, and therefore his power. His new robotic extremities were updated versions of the same technology that transformed General Grievous into a cyborg. Though he would still remain extremely powerful, Palpatine knew that Anakin's injuries had robbed him of much of his Force potential. Upon his revival as a cyborg after several days of being reconstructed, Darth Vader questioned his Master about Amidala. Palpatine, seeking to cut Vader's last tie to his former life and permanently cement the dark side in his heart, told Vader that he had killed his wife in his anger. In addition, Vader's former identity, Anakin Skywalker, was deleted from various databanks upon the reconstruction being completed.
Overwhelmed by his despair in the belief he had killed Amidala and their unborn child, which fulfilled his prophetic dreams of her death, Vader destroyed the medical droids and severely damaged the facility through the Force. He broke his bindings on the operating table and struggled to walk under the sheer weight of his new prostheses and armor. He then let out a cry of despair over the love of his life that he believed that he killed. With his wife gone, the only purpose that remained in Vader's life was his service to the new Emperor.
The personality of Darth Vader became even more distinctive from Anakin Skywalker's due to the great physical and psychological damage that completely changed both his appearance and his character. His armor limited his vision, restrained his movement, and caused extreme frustration for Vader as he adapted to his new circumstances. As his eardrums had melted beyond repair in Mustafar's heat, sound waves had to be transmitted directly to implants in his inner ears to replace his hearing; however, the implants distorted sound waves and picked up too many ambient noises. His burned corneas and retinas required protective lenses to prevent further damage to his eyes. He would eventually retool his entire fighting style to make up for the lack of mobility that his armor imposed on him.
As Darth Vader, Skywalker became a powerful asset to the Empire, serving as an enforcer, Jedi hunter, and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet of Palpatine's New Order. To cover up for Anakin Skywalker's involvement in the destruction of the Jedi Temple, rumors circulated that Skywalker had died trying to protect the children from Vader and the stormtroopers, which were widely accepted due to few people being aware that Vader and Skywalker were the same person.


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