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First appearance: The Old Republic
Relations: Tatooine
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After completing their mission to destroy terrorist cells on Balmorra and Nar Shaddaa, Cipher Nine were contacted by Watcher Two via ship's holocomm. She congratulated Cipher on their success and noted that the rest of terror network became much more active, transferring goods and activating safe houses. She showed an intercepted communication from the Eagle. In the message the Eagle addressed his followers, saying that when the Eradicator devices were activated, causing chaos across the Empire, they should join the fight. Watcher Two said that the Intelligence identified two more vital terror cells, on Tatooine and Alderaan, designating them as new Cipher's targets.
Cipher decided to go to Tatooine and made a hyperspace jump there. Upon arrival to Tatooine's system and settling in orbit around the planet, they were contacted by Watcher Two again. She described mission objectives - find and destroy the ghost cell. She explained that the ghost cell was rumored to be a special training program for hardened radicals - a terror cell specializing in stealth, infiltration and assassination. And Intelligence suggested that the ghost cell was providing elite support for the Eagle's network. She reported that Intelligence was contacted by someone who said that he was a former member of the ghost cell and that he wanted to stop the terrorists as a matter of conscience. He requested a face to face meeting and was waiting for a holocom call from a town of Mos Ila. Watcher adviced to dispose of the contact when the ghost cell eliminated and closed the call.
After landing on Tatooine at the Mos Ila spaceport, Cipher Nine set off to find public holoterminal. Near the spaceport's exit they met with Ensign Sarinte and agreed to his request to stop by at the Imperial Research Center not far from the spaceport as soon as they had time. Finding the public terminal wasn't hard, and using the agreed frequency, Cipher called the contact. The person who answered the call - and who turned out to be an angry female because she waited this call for days - revealed to Cipher that she was being hunted by the ghost cells, and insisted on total secrecy - both from the ghost cell and from the Empire. Before they met in person, she asked Cipher to remove holocams from Imperial Security droids - because she was sure this droids, while Imperial, were insecure and easy to be tampered with by everyone, including the ghost cell - and bring them the merchant Datto Wys who worked at the local market. She explained that the merchant was just a drop off point and he would direct Cipher to the meeting.
Cipher quickly found and destroyed several security droids and removed their holocams. Finding the local market, Cipher located a small droid shop where Datto Wys was conducting his business. When Cipher entered the shop, Wys initially assumed that Cipher was a potential customer who was looking for droids, but Cipher said they had brought a holocams. Wys then proposed an exchange - a mouse droid in good condition for a holocams. While Cipher, perplexed, wondered what was the meaning of this, the mouse droid run away and Wys quickly suggested that Cipher to follow the droid before it got lost. The droid led them to a small house, but it turned out to be empty. Moments later a woman entered the house and aimed blaster rifle at Cipher. Confrontation ceased quickly when the woman introduced herself as Mia Hawkins, the one who had called Imperial Intelligence. She told Nine that she was with Cobalt Flag, but when Imperials found and killed almost everyone in the organization, she was helped by Eagle's men and then she was trained by the Ghost cell. But after a while she grew sick by their brutal methods. In exchange for a way out, she was willing to help the Imperial Intelligence dismantle the cell. The problem was, she did not know the exact location of the village, where the cell trained her, since they sedated her whenever they moved her in or out of the village. In order to find the location, Mia suggested that she and the agent should identify an unknown smuggler called "Dragon Eyes" who secretly supplied the village. The plan was to plant tracking devices on a specific patrons of the local cantina and then start asking about the Dragon Eyes - Mia was sure that someone would try to warn him - while she would monitor the devices and let the agent know when someone contact Dragon Eyes. Agreement reached, Cipher Nine went off to the Siltshift cantina.
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