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First appearance: A New Hope
A New Hope
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Abyssins were a species of mammalian, cycloptic humanoids native to the Outer Rim world Byss in the Byss and Abyss system. As a people the Abyssin were often described as "primitive and violent", and were often hired as petty thugs.
At about two meters tall, the hulking Abyssin had long limbs and a single large eye that dominated their greenish-tan foreheads. Typically well-muscled, the Abyssin had a slightly hunched appearance. A distinctive trait of the Abyssin was their ability to heal quickly and regenerate any body part, which some believe contributed to an especially violent racial culture. Their fast regeneration is believed to have been an adaptation to prevent fluid loss from bleeding. Abyssin body cells were replaced every 80 hours and organs which typically were paired in other species appeared singularly in the Abyssin body. Because of their regenerative abilities, Abyssin could live up to 300 standard years.


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Migrant Merchants' Guild
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Full unit name: Abyssin Last updated: 27.09.2023 22:26:17