Alliance of Evil (21)Full unit name: Alliance of Evil (Ord Mantell)
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Relations: Ord Mantell
Ord Mantell
Events: Mantellian Separatist Crisis
Mantellian Separatist Crisis
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
Known Facts (4)
"I don't know who you are, but you're shooting seps and that's good enough for me. Get your head down and listen to me."
- Agent Burne to Republic operatives

It was one of missions that was executed by Republic Operatives
Republic Operatives
Temporary Unions
during the Civil War
Mantellian Separatist Crisis
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
on Ord Mantell
Ord Mantell
. While at the entrance to the Separatist
Mantellian Separatists
Planetary and Sector
base inside Avilatan mountain, the operatives were called by a man who was hiding in the trees nearby. He introduced himself as Burne
Minor Characters (TOR)
, an SIS
Strategic Information Service (SIS)
Galactic Republic (GGW, CW and GW)
field agent. He informed the operatives that SIS had received word an hour earlier that the Separatists were meeting with leaders of violent splinter factions, including the Nightmare of Duros
Nightmare of Duros
Planetary and Sector
, from across the Republic. The SIS command assumed that they would gather at Mannett Point, and sent all the squads there. But it turned out that the meeting would take place here, at the Seps base inside the mountain. He continued that, according to intel, there was a computer inside the base with a list of all security assignements. These leaders would be on this list. Burne asked the operatives to find this computer, capture the list of visiting leaders and hunt them down. The operatives agreed to help and went inside the base, realizing that by the time the SIS teams arrived here, their targets would have been long gone.
There were hundreds of separatists and their droids inside, the operatives decided to use a stealthy approach. Using state-of-the-art stealth equipment to avoid the combat, they quickly located the computer and downloaded all the data related to the exact locations and visiting schedules of each of the four insurgent group leaders.
The operatives reached the second level of the stronghold, where, according to the security data, all meetings took place. After passing through a secret outpost of the Mantelian army
Mantellian Army
Planetary and Sector
infiltrators, the operatives went hunting. After killing many Separatists and destroying all their security droids
CRSEC-A01 Security Droid
Old Republic Assassin Droid classes
, they soon wiped out all four leaders and their eite Zabrak
Sentient Species
The operatives ascended on Level 3 of the stronghold and located the communication station. Using secret encryption codes, contacted Agent Burne. He was very impressed with the chaos caused by the operatives and sincerely thanked them. He said that many splinter groups would be leaderless by the next day, and it would give the SIS the edge they desperately needed.
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