Sio Bibble (6)
Basic info
First appearance: The Phantom Menace
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Events: Fall of Theed, Escape from Theed, Theed Celebration
Known Facts (1)
Escape from Theed (1)
  • Was rescued
Sio Bibble was the Governor of Naboo and the head of the Royal Advisory Council. At first, he served under King Ars Veruna, and was highly critical of the young woman touted to succeed him: Padme Amidala. When Veruna eventually decided to abdicate, however, Bibble was instrumental in preparing Amidala as his successor. In time, he changed his opinion of her, and became one of her staunchest supporters. When Naboo was blockaded by the Trade Federation, Captain Panaka, the head of Amidala's security, called for an increase in Naboo's armament, but Bibble disagreed with him vehemently. In due course, the Federation went so far as to invade the planet, arresting Bibble and the Queen. While Amidala was able to escape with the aid of two Jedi Knights, the governor elected to stay, and speak for his people. He led them in a hunger strike, and earned the ire of the Trade Federation Viceroy, Nute Gunray. Eventually, Amidala returned, and, allying herself with Boss Nass of the Gungans, was able to defeat the Federation, and free the planet. Bibble continued to serve Amidala's successor, Queen Jamillia, up until the Clone Wars. During that pan-galactic conflict, Jamillia was succeeded by Neeyutnee and her by Apailana, under both of whom Bibble also served.


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