Escape from Kamino (TFU2) (2)
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First appearance: The Force Unleashed 2 (Video Game)
Relations: Kamino
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In 1 BBY, Darth Vader's TIE fighter approaches the planet Kamino. Vader enters a large room, with a large, round cell set into the floor. A young man is inside, and is informed that he has been left alone for thirteen days, as an endurance test. He is suffering from visions, including a forest burning, and a woman's voice in his head. Vader informs him that they are but memories of a dead man, and that they would fade in time. Telling him that his objective is to kill Starkiller's old Jedi mentor, Vader presents him with two identical red-bladed lightsabers, and instructs him to cut down several training droids, which assume the identities of Rebel soldiers and a mysterious woman. Starkiller cuts down all the soldiers, yet realizes that the woman is none other than Juno Eclipse, the original Starkiller's old pilot and love interest. He is unable to kill her, prompting Vader to step in. Cutting the last droid down, Vader tells Starkiller that the accelerated cloning process used to create him is imperfect. All previous clones had gone mad within months. Vader states that he had expected this Starkiller to be the first success, but it seemed that this clone was going to suffer the same fate. After questioning what Vader was going to do with him, Starkiller sees another vision - Vader stabbing his past self in front of the Emperor.
Blasting Vader with Force lightning, Starkiller destroys a portion of the wall, allowing him to escape. However, he is faced with a huge drop, which is filled with perils such as lighting towers, platforms and TIE fighters. Blasting all of them out of his way, Starkiller crashes through a glass roof to another part of the facility. He begins to carve his way through various Imperial troops: Riot troopers, stormtroopers, two Carbonite War droids and jumptroopers. After avoiding an Imperial dropship, Starkiller comes to a large tower, which he knocks down by throwing several TIE fighters at it. The tower crushes one of three AT-STs guarding his master's starfighter. Destroying the remaining two, Starkiller managed to steal the fighter, just as Vader blasts his way to the landing platform. Vader watches as his fighter soars away into space.


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Events (2)

Mission to Cato Neimoidia (TFU2) | Mission to Dagobah (TFU2)

Events (2)

Mission to Cato Neimoidia (TFU2) | Mission to Dagobah (TFU2)

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