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Ilum was an ice planet in the Unknown Regions, one of the main sources of the valuable Adegan crystals used in the construction of Jedi lightsabers. The caverns containing the crystals were long ago turned into a Jedi temple. Unlike the crystals of other planets, the crystals of Ilum were limited to blue, green and purple in color. The planet was over ninety percent-covered by ice.
The Gree had established an enclave on Ilum and used it as a launching point for the exploration vessel Gray Secant to conduct a multi-century exploration mission. Ilum was first discovered by the wider galaxy in 22,800 BBY when a Jedi scout. Reporting back to the Jedi High Council on her findings, the subsequent research teams detected no signs of previous inhabitants on the barren world. The real wealth of Ilum was not discovered until one survey crew was chased into a mountainous ravine by local predators and discovered the mother lode of crystals - an invaluable source of focusing crystals used in a Jedi's lightsaber - just beneath the surface. When the High Council learned of this discovery, they dispatched artisans, scholars, and other Jedi to protect the caves and research how deep they went. Instead of reporting the discovery to the Galactic Senate per custom, the High Council deleted all records of Ilum from their ships and removed mention of it from all reports.
With the planet protected, the Jedi built temples and enclaves over the years and the world became a destination of pilgrimage for Jedi intending to construct new lightsabers and Jedi Masters seeking a quiet place for intense meditation. Over the greatest source of crystals, the High Council commissioned the construction of a grand Temple. Upon completion, the Temple over the Crystal Caves began to host the Gathering, a formal part of a Padawan's teaching during which they embarked on a pilgrimage to Ilum to search for a lightsaber crystal and build their first weapon. After several millennia of hosting the Gathering, Ilum became the Order's primary source for the rare crystals.
In 22 BBY, Ilum was the location of a Separatist ambush. When Count Dooku, leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems sent a battalion of droids to the planet, the Crystal Caves were heavily damaged. Jedi Grand Master Yoda aided Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and her Padawan, Barriss Offee, in defending the Crystal Caves from chameleon droids.
During the Empire rule, surviving Padawan Cal Kestis visited Ilum's crystal caves to find a crystal and build a new lightsaber. Although he had problems with the Imperial garrison on the planet, he was successful in his mission and able to escape the planet.


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