Imperial Snowtrooper (35)Full unit name: Imperial Snowtrooper
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First appearance: Empire Strikes Back
Empire Strikes Back
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Cold assault stormtroopers, also known more simply as snowtroopers, were Imperial stormtroopers
Imperial Stormtrooper
Galactic Empire Military
trained to operate in arctic climates. Some snowtroopers were deployed under Death Squadron's Blizzard Force
Blizzard Force
Galactic Empire Military
, as well as other arctic forces. The snowtroopers were the successors of the clone cold assault troopers and the Galactic Marines
21st Nova Corps
Grand Army of the Republic
which were active during the Clone Wars.
Snowtrooper armor was well suited to the climate extremes of frozen worlds such as Hoth, Rhen Var, and Toola. Unlike other troopers, snowtroopers wore a white, rugged body glove, which provided camouflage, and provided thermal insulation from the cold. Over this was an eighteen-piece outer shell altered to include more powerful heating and personal environment units, and an airtight fabric oversuit for additional protection from the cold. To facilitate breathing in extremely cold or dangerous atmospheres, a breather hood enveloped the snowtrooper's faceplate and fed into the suit liner. Each trooper was equipped with terrain-grip boots, a standard utility belt containing high-tension wire, grappling hooks, ion flares, additional blaster ammunition, a survival kit, and ration packs. Snowtroopers were armed with the standard-issue E-11 blaster rifles of stormtroopers, SE-14r light repeating blasters, two concussion grenades, and one fragmentation grenade. Elite snowtroopers were given the DLT-20A blaster rifle as a replacement for the E-11, and two stun grenades. Snowtroopers commonly employed E-Web heavy repeating blasters.


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Known parent organizations
Blizzard Force
Known weaponry
DLT-20A Blaster Rifle
E-11 Blaster Rifle
E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster
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Full unit name: Imperial Snowtrooper Last updated: 05.03.2024 13:26:13