Jarael (2)
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First appearance: Knights of the Old Republic 03 : Commencement, part 3
Species: Arkanian Offshoot
Gender: Female
Jarael, born Edessa, was a female Arkanian Offshoot. She always was hot-tempered with eyes and hands like humans and pointed ears, bearing tattoos that were known as the Flames of the Crucible bearing the name 'Jarael' in the ancient language of the Crucible meaning 'protector.' She was a fierce fighter who demonstrated an extreme loyalty to Camper and her other allies; normally armed with a shockstaff, she was a tough opponent when fending off enemies, whether they be bounty hunters, Mandalorians or Jedi Masters. Before taking the name Jarael, Edessa was a slave, then slaver after besting the Zeltron Chantique, of the Crucible, where she attempted to help the slaves survive and succeed in their training to prevent them from being sent off to far worse conditions. A former scientist of The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania, named Gorman Vandrayk, assisted in her escape from the Crucible for which she dedicated her life to protecting him. Jarael and Camper eventually settled on Taris in the Lower City, living out of a garbage hauler, The Last Resort. She became a traveling companion to the fugitive Zayne Carrick after he was framed for the Padawan Massacre of Taris.


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