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First appearance: Crimson Empire I, part 1
Species: Human
Relations: Imperial Royal Guard
Events: Sinn Dines with Kanos, Battle of Phaeda, Duel in the Squall, Battle of Cantrell Aftermath
Kir Kanos was a member of the elite Emperor's Royal Guard during the Galactic Civil War. Kanos, like all the other guards, held an unwavering loyalty to the ideals of Emperor Palpatine. Managing to evade the destruction of the superweapon Death Star II and the planet Byss, where much of the guard was stationed, Kanos was the final loyal member of the unit after their ultimate massacre at Yinchorr, under the orders of fellow guardsman and aspiring Emperor, Carnor Jax. Kanos swore a "blood oath" against the traitor and those who had a hand in Palpatine's ultimate demise. Kanos's actions led him to become the most wanted man in the galaxy; a massive bounty was put on his head by the Imperial Remnant. His efficient skills in combat allowed him to stay alive. Kanos made allies in the New Republic on Phaeda, becoming romantically involved with Republic lieutenant Mirith Sinn. With assistance from his temporary allies in the Republic, Kanos slew the would-be Emperor Jax on Yinchorr in the name of Palpatine. This was at the cost of his alliance with Sinn, who swore her own blood oath against Kanos for the murder of her close friend, Sish Sadeet.
Kanos then swore to eliminate everyone that had helped accelerate Palpatine's ultimate death, namely the Imperial Ruling Council, who were engulfed in an internal power struggle following the death of their leader, Jax. In order to infiltrate the organization, Kanos partnered with Tav Kennede, whose late father was the head of the Royal Guard Academy, and went undercover as bounty hunter "Kenix Kil" with the intention of being hired by the Council to hunt his alter ego, who had a sizable bounty placed on his dead, effectively gaining their trust. However, before Kanos could infiltrate their ranks, an impostor eliminated the Council members one by one, and Kanos unwittingly became entangled in a conspiracy by the criminal organization Black Sun to infiltrate the ranks of the Ruling Council by replacing their members with accelerated clones functioning as political puppets. Kanos opted to temporarily call off his plot in order to save Mirith Sinn, who was captured by Black Sun associate Grappa the Hutt and handed to the Zanibar people. These events culminated in Kanos's assassination of Xandel Carivus, head of the Ruling Council and self-declared Galactic Emperor.
Kanos continued operating as a bounty hunter, taking up assignments in various backwater sectors and hoping to one day take on Luke Skywalker, the primary figure in Palpatine's death. Eventually, Kanos was sought by the Restored Empire, an Imperial splinter group under the command of Ennix Devian, Palpatine's former personal assassin. Devian wished for Kanos to join his cause in bringing back the glory of the Empire as it was under the days of Emperor Palpatine. To this end, the bounty hunter Boba Fett was hired to bring Kanos to the planetoid RZ7-6113-23, the "hard-liner" home base. Kanos saw Devian as a foil to his own sense of honor and devotion; Devian's brutal actions and tactics convinced Kanos to drop his own blood oath against Luke Skywalker and Palpatine's enemies in the pursuit of the greater good. Kanos escaped the planetoid via a captured shuttle and met with Mirith Sinn on Coruscant. However, Kanos was unaware that he was being used by Devian to plant a small but volatile supply of the material zinethium, embedded inside the shuttle, in the galactic capital, with the intent of bringing about the destruction of both the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. Being framed for the attempted mass murder of millions, Kanos found himself allying with Baron Ragez D'Asta for a final assault on the fleet of the Restored Empire above the Imperial capital Orinda, slaying Devian in combat. Following the battle, Kanos faked his death to retire from the public eye, hoping for a quiet future.


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Kir Kanos
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Imperial Royal Guard
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Imperial Royal Guard | Jax, Carnor

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Sinn, Mirith | Phaeda

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Sinn, Mirith | Phaeda | Massimo

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Sinn, Mirith | Phaeda | TIE Interceptor | Massimo | Sadeet, Sish | Trandoshan | Merkon, Tem

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Sinn, Mirith | Phaeda | Imperial Stormtrooper

Duel in the Squall
Sinn Dines with Kanos
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Battle of Phaeda | Sinn Dines with Kanos

Events (2)

Battle of Phaeda | Death of Tem Merkon

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Mirith Sinn Captured | Battle of Cantrell Aftermath

Kir Kanos | TIE Interceptor (Unique)
Kir Kanos | TIE Interceptor (Unique)
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TIE Interceptor | Imperial Royal Guard

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