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Basic info
First appearance: Thrawn Trilogy, Book 1 - Heir to the Empire
Thrawn Trilogy, Book 1 - Heir to the Empire
Relations: Car'das Smugglers
Car'das Smugglers
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
, Smuggler
Events: Thrawn Visiting Myrkr (9ABY)
Thrawn Visiting Myrkr (9ABY)
New Republic Era
, Escape from Myrkr
Escape from Myrkr
New Republic Era
, Raid on Bilbringi
Raid on Bilbringi
New Republic Era
, Formation of Smuggler's Alliance
Formation of Smuggler's Alliance
New Republic Era
, Assault on Mount Tantiss (9ABY)
Assault on Mount Tantiss (9ABY)
New Republic Era
Known Facts (4)
Escape from Myrkr (4)
When in 0 BBY Car'das suddenly disappeared along with his massive private store of information, Karrde, one of the chief lieutenants in Car'das's smugglers
Car'das Smugglers
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
, conferred with the other lieutenants as to what should happen to the organization as Car'das's absence wore on for three months. A bloody internal squabble nearly developed, and it was suggested each lieutenant take his own portion of the organization and go his own way. Instead, Karrde took over the organization, neutralizing the other lieutenants and announcing his control in a single night. Two lieutenants immediately made attempts to gain back control, which Karrde thwarted and by early 0 ABY had solidified his position. In short order, he acquired a reputation as trustworthy and respectable, as much as any member of the fringe could be considered so. New Karrde's organization was not on the scale of Black Sun
Black Sun
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
or the Hutt kajidics
Hutt Cartel
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
, but nevertheless was considered a major underworld smuggling operation.
Karrde's organization maintained a scrupulous neutrality in the Galactic Civil War, aiding either side as it profited him but never clearly casting his lot in with any one party; Karrde had no desire to become involved in galactic politics in any significant way. Karrde used the heavily modified bulk freighter Wild Karrde
Wild Karrde
(Action VI Bulk Transport)
Named Starships
as his flagship, outfitting it for maximum performance.
In 4 ABY, Karrde gained the services of Aves, a young smuggler who would eventually grow to be one of Karrde's top associates and advisers.
Karrde saw Jabba the Hutt
Jabba the Hutt
Major Characters
's death
Battle at the Sarlacc's Pit
(Rescue of Han Solo (Tatooine))
Galactic Civil War
as the perfect opportunity to build his own syndicate into a larger business. Karrde immediately began absorbing a great many personnel from Jabba's employ, such as Melina Carniss, a part of the Hutt's former security team who became one of Karrde's top lieutenants. SoonMyrkr
became organization's home base, from which they operated comfortably - Karrde kept its location a secret, preferring to let no one know his headquarters. In this same time frame, Karrde rescued Quelev Tapper and his small smuggling organization from an Imperial attack - the two groups merged, with Tapper becoming Karrde's trusted second-in-command. Around 8.5 ABY Karrde agreed to hire Mara Jade, who saved his life from a sniper.


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