Onderon Brushfire (4)
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First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Miniatures Game
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The skirmish between Empire and Rebel Alliance which took place sometime after Rebels liberated the planet of Onderon from Empire. Empire retaliated and as part of their intimidation tactics they started to instigate forest fires around the planet. Rebels sent a squad led by veteran trooper Fenn Signis to prevent brushfire but when they arrived they encountered heavy resistance from Imperial forces. Signis quickly discovered that Imperials planted four sets of explosives to start forest fire when detonated, and he decided that the only way to save the forest from complete annihilation is to to disarm explosives while defeating the Imperial forces protecting the site. The empire forces were composed of several squads of stormtroopers, scout troopers squad with E-Web blaster, probe droid and a lone AT-ST. As soon as Rebels managed to destroy AT-ST using those same explosives that Imperials have planted, a squad of Trandoshan hunters arrived on the battle scene. It took Rebels all they had to defeat combined forces of Imperials and their Trandoshans allies, and then drove the rest of the Imperials into a full retreat.
1. It is unclear if the liberation of Onderon which is mentioned in Imperial Alliance Core Set is somehow related to [Attack on the Imperial Army-Navy Ordnance Center]
2. This event took place after Rebels left their base on Arda I and definitely after Battle of Yavin.

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Signis, Fenn

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Campaign Guide (SWI01)
Veteran Prowess
Brushfire : Onderon - Wilderness
0657 : Objective : Commando Raid
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Signis, Fenn | Onderon | Rebel Alliance Special Forces | AT-ST | Imperial Scout Trooper

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Signis, Fenn | Onderon | AT-ST | Rebel Alliance Special Forces | AT-AT | Imperial Scout Trooper | R2-series Astromech Droid

The picture is a cover art for Age of the Rebellion Begginer Game
According IA this battle took place on Onderon. Because the location is not specified on card, for now let it be Onderon

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