Scimitar Assault Bomber (2)
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First appearance: Thrawn Trilogy, Book 2 - Dark Force Rising
Relations: Sienar Fleet Systems
The Scimitar assault bomber was an advanced starfighter/bomber based on TIE Series technology. It was used by the Galactic Empire. The Scimitar assault bomber had a single elongated body, and the pilot and gunner sat in a forward, shaped module which could eject from the craft and serve as an escape pod. The fuselage was supported by two large elongated array wings on either side. Interlocked repulsorlift thrusters provided it with additional maneuverability. In space, the Scimitar assault bomber was faster than any TIE Bomber, and, in planetary atmospheres, it could travel at 1,150 km per hour, with its dive-bombing speed an additional 100 km per hour faster. It was 13.8 meters long, and thus longer than the standard TIE/LN starfighter. Its weapons included two laser cannons, concussion missile launchers, and chutes for thermal detonators and proton grenades. However, instead of two ion engines, it only had one, thus the lack of the prefix TIE. It was designed to bomb planets into submission.
SFS constantly developed new designs and new vessels. During the period before the Battle of Endor, the company decided to create the next generation bomber craft to replace slow and outdated TIE Bomber. To do so the designers worked closely with the elite pilots of Empire's Scimitar Wing, the most decorated and respected bomber unit in the Imperial Navy. The design was heavily influenced by the feedback provided by pilots and officers, and to honor their input the company called new bomber Scimirar. But death of Palpatine in 4ABY effectively put all new inventions on hold - for a while. When Grand Admiral Thrawn took control of the Imperial Remnant forces, the Scimitars were placed back to production - design was revised and a shield generator was added on the insistence of Thrawn himself - and soon the new ships were inducted into Thrawn's Empire Navy. SFS continued to improve Scimitar design and Scimitar MKII was developed some time before Battle of Bilbringi, but this advanced ship was ultimately rare sight in the Imperial fleet. The design proved to be very effective and Scimitars saw their use many years later during the war against Yuuzhan Vong invaders.

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Scimitar Assault Bomber (V.SCI1) Scimitar Assault Bomber (V.SCI2)
The Official Star Wars Fact File
The Official Star Wars Fact File
Scimitar Assault Bomber (V.SCI1)
Scimitar Assault Bomber (V.SCI2)
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