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First appearance: Star Wars Republic 08 : Outlander, part 2
Previous event: Jedi Council Meeting (Infant of Shaa crisis)
Next event: Ambassadors to Naboo
Relations: Tatooine, Coruscant
Known Facts (2)
Following an attack on Mochot Steep, a Jawa trading site on Tatooine, the Jedi Council received word about a series of increasingly violent attacks by Tusken Raiders on that planet. Yoda and Eeth Koth spoke privately to Mundi about the matter in the Jedi Temple, and revealed they believes one of the Tusken leaders was Sharad Hett, a famous Jedi Knight who had gone missing 15 years earlier. Mundi knew Hett by reputation, but had falsely believed him to be dead. In light of the recent reemergence of the Sith, Yoda feared that if Hett were still alive, or whether he had succumbed to the dark side of the Force, which they felt could make him vulnerable to being recruited by the Sith. Yoda asked Mundi to seek Hett because they believed he was the only Jedi powerful enough to fight him who did not know him personally, thus Mundi would harbor no reservations if Hett had to be fought or killed. When Mundi accepted, Yoda explained he would first have to seek an audience with Jabba the Hutt to request safe passage through the desert without Jabba's forces interfering with the mission. Mundi expressed disgust with the concept of meeting the Hutt, still angry over Jabba's previous abduction of his daughter Sylvn, but he agreed to do so and departed for Tatooine.
Due to the secretive nature of Mundi's assignment, he was to depart from Coruscant in a Consular-class cruiser via a nondescript building rooftop rather than a spaceport. As he awaited the cruiser, Mundi was visited by An'ya Kuro, who he had not seen for several years after she went into a self-imposed exile for allowing the Jedi trainee Aurra Sing to be kidnapped and lost as a child. Mundi comforted Kuro and assured her Sing's fate was not her fault. He could not tell Kuro details about his upcoming mission, but as his ship arrived, Kuro warned him she had dreamt of a great darkness awaiting him on the planet he was visiting, and urged him to beware of the dark side of the Force.
Mundi traveled to Tatooine and landed at one of the Mos Eisley spaceport docking bays owned by Ohwun and Chachi De Maal which, although run-down and cheap, provided Mundi's mission with further cover and was the closest available port to Jabba's Complex. Unbeknownst to him, Mundi's movements were being tracked by Sing, now a bounty hunter, who had been hired by the Hutt crime lord Gardulla Besadii the Elder to find and kill Hett. Upon arriving at Jabba's complex, the Hutt explained he would normally seek revenge for Mundi having stolen Sylvn, who he considered his slave and property, but Jabba feigned ignorance over the identity of Sylvn's rescuer so he would not have to attack Mundi.
With little patience for Jabba's antics, Mundi repeatedly insulted the Hutt and insisted he would one day pay for his crimes, but for now demanded free passage to The Needles, where the Tuskens had established camp. Jabba claimed to admired Mundi and granted this request, offering him a Bantha-II cargo skiff along with his henchman Hoonta and five other guards to accompany Mundi on the trip. The Jedi suspected it was a trap, but nevertheless accepted. His suspicions proved true when the skiff was piloted into a dangerous sandstorm and the guards attacked the Cerean. Mundi tried to persuade them to surrender, but when they instead attack, the Jedi easily killed them all with his lightsaber and Force skills. However, the skiff crashed and flipped over, leaving Mundi with a broken arm and forcing him to travel the rest of the trip on foot. While climbing the mountain foothills at The Needles, Mundi was attacked by womp rats and, while fending them off, fell into a krayt dragon lair. As Mundi attempted to fend off the creature, he was watched from above by a band of Tusken Raiders, including Sharad Hett and his son and Jedi learner, A'Sharad Hett. Sharad was originally suspicious of Mundi's motives for seeking him, but when he learned he had been sent by Sharad's former teacher, Eeth Koth, he and the Tuskens jumped down into the lair to help Mundi and slew the krayt dragon.
Afterward, Hett explained to Mundi that Jabba had recently flooded the Tatooine black market with a surplus of outdated weapons he had received, then provoked farmers and off-worlders into a conflict with the Tusken Raiders to drive up the demand for those weapons. Around 100 Tusken Raiders were killed as a result, and the recent barrage of brutal attacks by the Tuskens were conducted in an attempt to repel those attacks. Mundi condemned Hett's justifications, claiming the Jedi should use their power to defend and protect others rather than attack. Nevertheless, Mundi detected that Hett remained with the light side of the Force and asked him to return to the Jedi Order to help combat the rising threat of the Sith. Hett refused to abandon his fellow Tuskens. However, as they were speaking, the tribe was attacked by dozens of skiffs and speeder bikes commanded by Gardulla, who hoped wiping out the Tuskens would end her rival Jabba's weapon profits and improve her own stature. Mundi, Sharad and A'Sharad attempted to reach the rest of the Tusken tribe before they charged, but were too far away and they attacked Gardulla's forces. As the Tuskens were getting bombarded by Gardulla's explosives, Mundi and A'Sharad took to higher grounds as Sharad rallied his warriors and helped organize their attack. From afar, Aurra Sing used a sniper rifle to kill the Bantha Mundi and A'Sharad were riding, thus slowing their ability to assist with the battle.
Sing engaged Sharad in a lightsaber duel and, before Mundi and A'Sharad could arrive to help him, she stabbed Sharad through the heart. Mundi recognized Sing as Kuro's former student, and he was disturbed not only with her abilities with the Force, but also by the fact that she had killed multiple Jedi in the past, which was evident from her collection of stolen lightsabers. Mundi tried to persuade her to turn away from the dark side of the Force, but she nevertheless attempted to finish off Sharad with her lightsaber. When A'Sharad stopped her and nearly killed her himself, Mundi implored him not to do so for fear of succoring to the dark side himself. A'Sharad hesitated long enough for Sing to escape. With the majority of their Tusken tribe wiped out from the battle, A'Sharad announced his intention to return with Mundi to Coruscant to further learn the ways of the Force. With his dying breaths, Sharad asked Mundi to take A'Sharad as his Padawan and continue his Jedi instruction, a request the Cerean accepted. After Sharad died, Mundi and A'Sharad departed Tatooine for Coruscant.
Upon his return, Mundi presented a report to the Jedi High Council and announced he had taken A'Sharad. Due to Sharad Hett's wide recognition among the Jedi, Mundi also issued a recording to the entire Jedi Order about Hett's death, explaining that he had stayed true to the light side of the Force right up to the end.


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