TIE Bomber (43)Full unit name: TIE Bomber
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First appearance: Marvel Star Wars 12 : Doomworld!
Relations: Sienar Fleet Systems
Sienar Fleet Systems
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The TIE/sa bomber, simply known as the TIE bomber or T/B, was a larger, less maneuverable TIE starfighter used for destroying large starships and pinpoint-precision bombing. The "sa" in the TIE bomber's designation stood for "surface assault." Due to their distinctive dual-hull shape, TIE bombers came to be referred to occasionally as "dupes" or (albeit indirectly) "sitting ducks" by enemy pilots. The latter nickname was due to its bulky structure making it much slower and far less maneuverable than other TIE craft.
Known variants
TIE Shuttle
The TIE/sh VIP shuttle - also TIE/sh shuttle, TIE/sh, or TIE shuttle - was a short-range personal priority shuttle manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems as part of the TIE Series. Like the similar TIE/br boarding shuttle, the TIE/sh was one of the more successful variant models of Sienar's basic TIE/sa bomber design. The TIE/sh afforded room for up to four individuals as well as additional cargo in its well-appointed portside passenger pod.


Organizations that used this starship
Scimitar Squadron
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Full unit name: TIE Bomber Last updated: 10.02.2024 19:46:26