The Whispering Dust (14)Full unit name: The Whispering Dust
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Relations: Tatooine
Known Facts (2)
The mission code-named "The Whispering Dust" was one of the missions undertaken on Tatooine
by Imperial Intelligence
Imperial Intelligence (Sith Empire)
Reconstituted Sith Empire
agent Cipher Nine
Nightstrike (Cipher Nine)
Major Characters
to dismantle the ghost cell terrorists during the Cold War. Following the meeting
The Spy Dance
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
Mia Hawkins
Mia Hawkins
Minor Characters (TOR)
, Cipher Nine have arrived at Siltshift Cantina - to flush out of hiding the ghost cell's supplier, called Dragon Eyes. It tooks Cipher only a moments to plant the tracking devices on the local bouncer, waitress and one of the patrons. Then Cipher approached the bar - where the bartender was gossiping with an Ortolan
Sentient Species
- and asked the bartender where to find the Dragon Eyes. The bartender pretended he know nothing, but promised to contact Cipher if he found anything useful. Minutes later Hawkins commed Cipher and said that one of the patrons, a nervous old Rodian
Sentient Species
, left the cantina, and she was tracking him. She warned Cipher that the Ghost cell assassins were all over the place and they were going after the agent, using disguises and stealth devices. She adviced to go on offensive - to take speeder and go to an old wind farm not far from the town where the agent would be able to set up an ambush. She mentioned that a sand would interfere with stealh devices which would give the agent some advantage.
Cipher Nine set off to the Severin Mesa windfarms. While passing nearby Imperial Varath outpost, the agent joined forces with a group of other Imperial operatives
Imperial Operatives
Temporary Unions
to help Captain Cibinel
Minor Characters (TOR)
in his fight
Supply Lines
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
against Exchange
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
Finally the agent reached an abandoned wind farm warehouse - only to discover, that the warehouse was occupied by a group of sand peoples. The agent killed all of the sand peoples and set up the ambush against the Ghost cell's assassins. When the assassins arrived, they attacked, but was quickly defeated. As soon as the fight was over, unexpectedly Mia Hawkins entered the warehouse. She expressed her concerns for the agent's well-being and as soon as agent let their guard down, Mia - who was actually an elite ghost cell assasin
Ghost Cell Elite
To Be Identified
in holo-disguise - stabbed them with a vibroknife. Wounded but not incapacitated, agent defeated the last assassin, ending the fight.
Moments later real Mia contacted the agent via personal holocomm and said that she tracked down the cell's supplier. She asked to meet her at a storage shack in Mos Anek trade post for more information and, fearing the transmission could be intercepted, closed the call. The agent headed to the Dune Sea.
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