Wessel, Redd (2)Full unit name: Wessel, Redd
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Basic info
First appearance: Crimson Empire I, part 0
Species: Human
Redd Wessel was a Human male who served as an Imperial Army general under Carnor Jax
Carnor Jax
Supporting Characters
of the Crimson Empire. Redd Wessel was the son of Marcellin Wessel, one of the first of Palpatine
Major Characters
's moffs. From a young age, he dreamed that he would become an Imperial fleet commander, leading his ships to glorious battle and victory. But life in the Navy was not to be; when he was old enough to attend the Academy, the tests determined that he might be of better use to the Galactic Empire as an Imperial Army officer. He resolved to join the army, and began building his career. When Empire launched massive assault on Yinchorr to subjigate Rebels there, Redd Wessel participated in this campaign, impressing his superiors. Wessel steadily advanced through the ranks, utilizing mostly conventional approaches to command and strategy. He eventually won the rank of general, but eventually his career hit the wall. He wanted more than just rank; he wanted to be a power-broker, but he lacked the imagination to do what was necessary in the post-Endor galaxy. At best he could find one with promise and attach himself to that warlord's coattails. The opportunity arose when, after a year of a resurgent New Order led by a resurrected Palpatine, one of the Emperor's Royal Guardsmen
Imperial Royal Guard
Galactic Empire
, Carnor Jax, brought Wessel into a conspiracy with members of the Imperial Ruling Council to destroy Palpatine and assume rulership of the Empire. Jax, a former soldier himself, felt more comfortable with army officers than navy officers in his staff, so he took Wessel on as his personal aide. Once Palpatine was permanently removed in 11 ABY, Wessel helped Jax to take control of the Council and set himself as a viable claimant to the Imperial throne. Wessel was made Jax's overall commander for military operations as leader of Central Command, leaving Jax and a lieutenant named Geff Blim to see to the pretender's personal affairs. He eventually became Supreme Commander. But eventually, Jax began to see what had kept Wessel from advancing any further; Jax sought vision in his ranking officers, something Wessel lacked. Their working relationship deteriorated into little more than constant criticism of Wessel's inability to understand Jax's intentions. General Redd Wessel was killed aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Emperor's Revenge
Emperor's Revenge
(Imperial-class Star Destroyer)
Named Starships
when a Scimitar assault bomber
Scimitar Assault Bomber
Starfighter Models
, bomb-rigged by Kir Kanos
Kir Kanos
Supporting Characters
, was brought aboard, where it exploded, killing everyone aboard and gutting the greater part of the ship.


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