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First appearance: Return of the Jedi
Happened during: Endor Campaign (ROTJ)
Previous event: Luke's Surrender (ROTJ)
Next event: Throne Room Duel (ROTJ)
Relations: Endor
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Previous event: Night at Bright Tree Village
Event: The next day after they arrived to Endor and met Ewoks, the Rebels, fully rendezvoused with each other, accompanied by a force of Ewok warriors, descended upon a secret entrance to the Imperial bunker. While planning how to infiltrate the bunker, one of the Ewoks, Paploo, in an attempt to create a diversion, snuck onto a nearby speeder bike and raced away into the forest. After most of the Scout Troopers guarding the entrance raced away in pursuit of the Ewok, Solo and the rest of the rebels easily gained entrance to the bunker, including luring the remaining trooper towards the waiting task force and forcing him to surrender, and, after capturing the Imperials inside, began to set explosives. Their victory was short-lived, however, as they were soon ambushed by another contingent of Imperials led by Colonel Dyer and Lieutenant Renz. Imperials led captured Rebels out of the bunker where they were met by hundreds of stormtroopers and AT-STs. With the hopes of the Rebel task force all but dashed, the concealed Ewok force surrounding the bunker clearing launched a furious ambush, stunning the Imperials who had already dismissed them as primitive natives. Although initially surprised by the ambush, Tempest Force regained the upper hand and squads of stormtroopers pursued the Ewoks into the forest. Despite being outnumbered by the natives, the stormtroopers with their armor and advanced weapons forced the Ewoks back, and Imperial AT-ST scout walkers decimated Ewok holdouts. The Ewoks tried, but were unsuccessful with a number of tactics, such as using gliders to drop stones on top of the walkers, and trying to trip them with ropes.
With the Ewoks springing a number of more successful traps, they, along with Chewbacca's commandeered AT-ST, were able to defeat the remaining scout walkers, before proceeding back to the entrance of the bunker to meet the Rebel Strike Team. With the Imperials in disarray, Solo posed as AT-ST pliot, informing the Imperials within the bunker via comlink that the battle was over, that the Rebels were fleeing into the woods, and that reinforcements were needed to continue the pursuit. Three squads of reinforcements were sent to help search for the Rebels. The Rebels, however, were waiting at the bunker door, and the Imperial reinforcements, sorely outnumbered and under the guns of an AT-ST, surrendered to the combined force of Rebels and Ewoks. The Rebels proceeded to infiltrate the Imperial facility, clear out the remaining personnel, and destroyed the bunker with several proton charges. The destruction of the facility brought down the deflector shield surrounding the forest moon and the Death Star. The space station was now vulnerable to attack, and the next phase of the battle began.
Concurrent events: Battle over Endor


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