Battle of Yinchorr (2)
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First appearance: Jedi Council : Acts of War
Happened during: Yinchorri Crisis (33BBY)
Relations: Yinchorr
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The Battle of Yinchorr took place on Yinchorr in 33 BBY during the Yinchorri Uprising. Having evaded the Yinchorri in space, the Consular-class space cruiser carrying Jedi Masters Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn and Saesee Tiin, and Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi landed on the harsh desert Yinchorri homeworld of Yinchorr to search for a rumored Yinchorri high command. Having landed, the Jedi parked their transport before moving to a mountain where they set up a temporary base. Qui-Gon and his Padawan went on a scouting mission searching for the Yinchorri command. Instead, they found that the Yinchorri were gathering their military forces. Having barely escaped the Yinchorri, the two Jedi arrived back at the temporary base and informed Mace Windu and Saesee Tiin of their findings. As they were giving their report, their nearby transport blew up. Qui-Gon remarked that the Yinchorri had located their ship. Mace then responded by saying that ships could be replaced. Tiin then asked Qui-Gon what he saw. Qui-Gon told him that he found no sign of a military command post, though he had found a military staging area for an invasion outside the walls of a city. Mace Windu then asked Qui-Gon to describe the staging area's layout and told the others that Master Adi Gallia and the others would soon be here and that it would be time to act against the Yinchorri soon. Soon, the four Jedi were surrounded by an army of Yinchorri though they fought back valiantly. However, the Yinchorri deployed flutter-packs and tanks. Luckily for them, their companions arrived on a Consular-class space cruiser and began fighting the Yinchorr forces. Their reinforcements consisted of Micah Giiett, Lilit Twoseas, Plo Koon, K'Kruhk and Eeth Koth while Adi Gallia, Tsui Choi and Theen Fida remained at the cruiser to guard it and to keep watch of their captive Devaronian.
These five Jedi formed a wedge and fought through the Yinchorri lines, thus diverting the attacks from Mace Windu's team and allowing his team to come to their aid in return, thus attacking the Yinchorri on two fronts. Mace Windu then ordered his companions to link up with the other five Jedi. On the way, Saesee Tiin confronted an enemy tank and killed the driver with his lightsaber before leaping to safety. Meanwhile, the cruiser came under attack by more Yinchorri forces, including a tank. Back at the main battlefield, Windu and his Jedi attempted to end the battle and get back to the cruiser as quickly as they could. During the fight, K'Kruhk was attacked by a Yinchorri warrior and his Master Lilit came to his aid. Unfortunately, she was badly wounded in the process. Luckily, her fellow Jedi used the Force to push back the enemy Yinchorri. Micah realized that Lilit had to be rushed back to the ship for medical treatment. Thus, while Mace Windu, Saesee Tiin, Eeth Koth and K'Kruhk rushed back to the ship with Lilit, Micah, Qui-Gon, Plo Koon and Obi-Wan covered their escape. However, when they reached the cruiser, they found that another battle had taken place. All the attacking Yinchorri had been killed, but so was Padawan Theen Fida. Mace Windu then instructed his fellow Jedi to set their grief aside since they had to succeed in their mission to locate the Yinchorri high command and to put Twoseas and Fida on the ship. Lilit would later die of her wounds. He also ordered Saesee Tiin to prepare the cruiser for takeoff and to see if he could get a transmission through to Master Yoda at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Having entered the ship, they found that Devaronian had freed himself and that he was at the controls, attempting to communicate with someone, not realizing that this other person was Darth Sidious.
They were then successful in sending a transmission through to the Jedi Temple and reported their findings to the Jedi Council. Mace Windu then sent another transmission to the Jedi Temple with word that the hidden command center had been located on a lifeless rocky planetoid close to the system's star and told them his fellow Jedi to inform Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum of the findings. Back on the battlefield, Micah Giett was shot in the back by a Yinchorri warrior. A dying Micah then instructed Plo Koon to move him to one of the wrecked enemy tanks where he lay with his back towards it. Before dying, he told his companions not to express any form of emotion, including revenge, and that the Yinchorri had to be stopped. He also warned them to use only deadly force to preserve lives. As soon as his companions had left, Micah was surrounded by a squad of Yinchorri. He told them to come closer on the pretext of revealing "Jedi secrets" to them. When they did, he told them that the Jedi were not afraid to die for a worthy cause before activating his lightsaber, plunging the blade into the tank's fuel cell. The resulting explosion killed Giett, and likely many of the Yinchorri. Giett's death was transmitted by the Force and felt by his Jedi companions all over the galaxy. Even Darth Sidious himself felt it in the Force. The Dark Lord then ordered his apprentice Darth Maul to get Vilmarh Grahrk. Meanwhile, the surviving Jedi left on their transport and traveled to Uhanayih to extinguish the Yinchorri threat just as Finis Valorum dispatched four Republic Navy attack groups to the Yinchorri system.


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