Imperial Intelligence (Sith Empire) (63)Full unit name: Imperial Intelligence (Sith Empire)
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Known Facts (92)
Scavenger Hunt (1)
Esseles incident (7)
Bringing Down the Hammer (1)
New Intelligence (2)
The Architect of Annihilation (42)
Catching up with Watcher One (19)
The Rescue (11)
Shattering the Peace (2)
Breaking the Cure (2)
The Spy Dance (2)
The Whispering Dust (1)
Dragon's Tail (1)
The Assassin's Fortress (1)


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Known subgroups, subsidiaries or members
Imperial Intelligence Assassin (Sith Empire)
Imperial Intelligence Operative (Sith Empire)
Related organizations
Imperial Operatives
Related units, characters and other technologies
Nightstrike (Cipher Nine)
Shara Jenn (Watcher Two)
Imperial Intelligence Security Droid (Sith Empire)
X-70B Phantom-class Prototype
Known members
Watcher One
Operation Commander
Known parent organizations
Reconstitued Sith Empire
Droid models that were used by this organization
AT-A01 Assassin Droid
SREC-A01 Assassin Droid
Known ranks
Known roles
Operation Commander
Known weaponry
H1 Heavy Blaster
L7 Rifle
Plasma Powercell
L1 Sniper Rifle
Wrist-mounted Launcher
Sleep Dart, Electro Dart, Toxic Dart
Retractable Blades
L5 Electroblade
Triple-bladed Energy Knife
Cryo Grenade
Thermal Grenade
Plasma Probe
Shield Probe
Holo Shroud
Known armor & apparel
Imperial Heavy Trooper Armor A11.5
GE01 A10.1 Hat
GE11 A09.1 Helmet
GE26 A11.5 Helmet
GE26 A11.5 Heavy Helmet
Imperial Soldier Uniform A09.1
Imperial Soldier Uniform A09.4
Imperial Officer Uniform A10.1
Stealth Field Generator
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Full unit name: Imperial Intelligence (Sith Empire) Last updated: 28.04.2024 15:11:50