Republic Defectors (14)Full unit name: Republic Defectors
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First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Known Facts (47)
The Separatists' Stronghold (11)
Hunt for Traitors (1)
Kidnapping of Senator Krasul (10)
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The Republic defectors were a group of former Republic military personnel
Republic Army
Galactic Republic (GGW, CW and GW)
- mostly Special Forces
Republic Special Forces Division
(Republic Army)
Galactic Republic (GGW, CW and GW)
members - who defected to the Sith Empire after members of Havoc Squad
Havoc Squad
(Republic Special Forces Division)
Galactic Republic (GGW, CW and GW)
decided to switch sides
The Separatists' Stronghold
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
shortly before the end of the Cold War
The Cold War
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
. While in general the Empire welcomed the defectors, they were reluctant to give them official membership in the military or provide them with military supplies and ammunition. Because of this, defectors had to rely on what equipment they had when they left the ranks of the Republic army and gather what they needed during the engagements.
This did not detract from their combat value to the Empire, since their experience and skills allowed them to provide for themselves well and made them a force to be reckoned with. The act of desertion was generally considered an act of treason and their former comrades were especially aggressive towards them because of what they had done.
While under the overall command of Imperial commanders, defectors often retained their previous military structure and line of command. To replace their losses, they recruited volunteers into their ranks, both from the civilian population and from the planetary defense forces, wherever they could.
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Known members
Vanto 'Fuse' Bazren
Ryler 'Needles' Dorant
Roles - show all (2)RolesMedicScientist
Harron Tavus
Bex "Gearbox" Kolos
Droid models that were used by this organization
IND-A01RM1 Battle Droid
CZS-A01 Security Droid
Starships that were used by this organization
Fortitude-class Troop Transport
Known sentient species
Known roles
Ryler 'Needles' Dorant
Ryler 'Needles' Dorant
Known weaponry & equipment
H2 Heavy Blaster
H3 Heavy Rifle
L1 Sniper Rifle
Multiple Launch Missile System
H4 Heavy Assault Cannon
Flash Grenade
Gas Grenade
Thermal Grenade
Rakghoul Plague Pathogen
Explosive Probe
Portable Shield Projector
Known armor & apparel
Imperial Heavy Trooper Armor A11.5
GE11 A09.1 Helmet
BH Goggles G01
Imperial Soldier Uniform A09.4
Imperial Agent Uniform A02.C02
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