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First appearance: The Phantom Menace
Events: Fall of Theed, Escape from Theed, Special Session of the Senate (32BBY), Palpatine's Nomination, Return to Naboo, Battle of Theed, Palpatine arrives on Naboo, Theed Celebration, Bombing at Landing Pad (AOTC), Meeting in Palpatine's office (AOTC)
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Fall of Theed (1)
Escape from Theed (1)
Special Session of the Senate (32BBY) (1)
Palpatine's Nomination (1)
Return to Naboo (1)
Battle of Theed (6)
Theed Celebration (1)
Meeting in Palpatine's office (AOTC) (1)
The Royal Naboo Security Forces, shortened as Royal Security Forces, or abbreviated as RSNF and RSF, were the premier line of defense for both the Theed Royal Palace and the citizens of Naboo. A peaceful people, the Naboo retained only security officers and guards rather than a true military organization. RSF were made up of volunteers and professionals, and was split into a number of factions, which were divided in operational units, including the Royal Security Police Force, the Royal Marine Regiment, the RSF Intelligence Division and the Naboo Planetary Defense. Starfighter Corps was also a part of RSF.


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