Thranta-class Corvette (34)Full unit name: Thranta-class Corvette
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First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Was manufactured by: Corellia StarDrive
Corellia StarDrive
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The Thranta-class corvette, also known as a CR-12 corvette, was a corvette in service with the Republic Navy
Republic Navy
Galactic Republic (GGW, CW and GW)
during the Great Galactic War
Great Galactic War
Great Galactic War (3681BBY - 3653BBY)
and beyond.
The corvette was the workhorse of the Republic Navy, being produced in large numbers to compete with the Hammerhead-class cruiser of the Jedi Civil War and replace the Praetorian-class frigate of the Great Sith War
Great Sith War (3996BBY)
Old Republic Era
. It was a similar size to the Hammerhead-class cruiser, but was dwarfed by the premier warship of the Republic Navy during the Great Galactic War and Cold War
The Cold War
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
, the Valor-class cruiser
Valor-class Cruiser
Starship Models
The Thranta-class corvette possessed two main dual turbolasers mounted in the forward position, like that of the Hammerhead-class, a third dual turbolaser mounted along its ventral hull, and numerous other weapons located along its hull. The armament of this ship's class was powerful enough for it to compete with the Gage-class transport or a Terminus-class destroyer, but it lacked the firepower to go head to head against the Harrower-class Dreadnought
Harrower-class Dreadnought
Starship Models
and heavier warships. To compensate for this, they utilized their agility and pack tactics to take down larger vessels.
Thranta-class corvettes possess two shielded hangars on the port and starboard sides of the ship, allowing it to hold 14 Liberator-class Republic starfighters
Liberator-class Starfighter
Starfighter Models
, 3 bombers
PT-7 Starfighter
Starfighter Models
, as well as 4 shuttles. These ships carried an entire battalion of Republic troopers
Republic Army
Galactic Republic (GGW, CW and GW)
and if needed a team of Jedi Knights
Jedi Knight
as well as war droids and transports for reinforcements. The Thranta-class Corvette is powered by a type-4 Hypermatter annihilator, which was powerful enough to destroy the ship and half of a fleet if the restraints keeping it stable were released. For sublight propulsion, the Thranta-class relied on a configuration of four banks of two ion engines arrayed around its aft hull, and two larger engines mounted in the center.
Many Thranta-class corvettes had been were converted to civilian use during both the Great Galactic War and Galactic War, as well as the Cold War between them. Such corvettes, stripped-out of most of their weapons, were commonly designated as Wanderer-class transports.


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Full unit name: Thranta-class Corvette Last updated: 19.05.2024 16:58:07