World Devastator (4)Full unit name: World Devastator
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Basic info
First appearance: Star Wars : Dark Empire
Star Wars : Dark Empire
Was designed by: Umak Leth
Umak Leth
Minor Characters
Relations: Imperial Department of Military Research
Imperial Department of Military Research
Galactic Empire
World Devastators, also known as World Smashers, World Sweepers, Planet Smashers, or City Eaters, were gigantic superweapons, successors of the Imperial Leviathan, with strong tractor beams attached to them that could wreak havoc on planets. They were designed by Umak Leth and employed by the Galactic Empire under the reborn Emperor Palpatine
Major Characters
. Although it is debatable if the World Devastators were deadlier than the Death Star, they were undoubtedly more efficient. The Death Star could merely destroy worlds, while the World Devastators could use a targeted world's material resources for the Empire's benefit. A Devastator's primary tactic was to land on the surface of a planet. There, its mighty tractor beam projectors would literally tear the planet beneath it apart, thus making them "planet killers." Thus, the World Devastators functioned similar to the Star Forge
Star Forge
Space Stations
, which also harvested materials from a nearby astronomical object. The deconstruction of the planet and its resources would then be used for both fuel for the Devastator and for its massive foundries which churned out starships, starfighters, and droids which would be sent into battle straight from the assembly line. The internal factories could create anything from a starfighter or speeder to a medium-sized cruiser, given enough resources.


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Full unit name: World Devastator Last updated: 13.02.2024 20:43:01