A Diverting Assignment (13)Full unit name: A Diverting Assignment
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Happened during: The Cold War
The Cold War
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
Relations: Coruscant
Known Facts (4)
  • Kira Carsen was an apprentice to Bela Kiwiiks
  • Characters interacted with each other (dialog)
    Dialog transcript
    Reid Gandon
    Welcome to Justicar territory, citizen. Nice to see a friendly face. Agent Reid Gandon, Strategic Information Service. Notice anything odd down here? Like how quickly the Justicars took control?
    reid_ganden: Weapons and armor don't just materialize out of thin air. The Justicars have a supplier, and it isn't the Republic. You follow?
    Hero of Tython
    You suspect the Justicars of illegal trade?
    Reid Gandon
    And worse. Black market goods are one thing, but trading with the Empire is treason. The Justicars were supposedly formed by Republic citizens. Fear and martial law's not how the Republic operates.
    Where else can the Justicars get what they need?
    Reid Gandon
    If not legally from the Republic, there's a few options - the Exchange, separatists, even the Empire. But as ruthless as they've become, the Justicars are keeping the Black Sun at bay. So, Republic security won't move on this without proof.
    Whoever's got the weapons runs the show. The SIS needs to know where those supplies are coming from. The Justicars control their own shipping dock, and I'm sure they keep records. I just need someone who can handle an ambush to get them.
    Storming the docks might make the Justicars suspicious.
    Reid Gandon
    If there were another way, I'd be topside and long gone by now.
    We will do it a hard way.
    Reid Gandon
    Get those records to me as soon as you find them. You don't want to get waylaid by the Justicars.
  • Meteor, Aric Jorgan, Voidhound, Corso Riggs, Barsen'thor, Qyzen Fess, Hero of Tython, Kira Carsen, Reid Gandon
  • Republic Operatives killed a number of Justicar Commanders, Guards, Executioners, Sharpshooters and Sawbones
  • Republic Operatives killed a number of Salky Hound
This event took place during the Cold War
The Cold War
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
on the planet Coruscant
. While a group of Republic operatives
Republic Operatives
Temporary Unions
were at Veshok Terrace Apartments sector of Justicars' territory, they were approached by SIS
Strategic Information Service (SIS)
Galactic Republic (GGW, CW and GW)
Agent Reid Gandon
Reid Gandon
Supporting Characters
. He told the operatives that he was working to identify the Justicars'
Justicars' Brigade
Planetary and Sector
suppliers and suspected that the Exchange
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
or even the Empire was helping them, but he needed a proof. He asked the operatives to download cargo manifests from workstations around the Shipping Docks. The operatives found that proof by recovering three manifests, killing more than thirty Justicar guards, sawbones, sharpshooters, executioners, commanders and salky hounds
Salky Hound
guarding the docks, literally clearing up the docks of Justicars' presence.
The operatives brought manifests to Agent Gandon, who thanked them, adding that these records prove the Justicars were definitely getting supplies from offworld, he would send them to HQ and once he had proof the Justicars were breaking the law, they could take action.
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