Cantina Contusions (4)Full unit name: Cantina Contusions
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First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Relations: Coruscant
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  • Characters interacted with each other (dialog)
    Dialog transcript
    Officer Anstiss attempted to arrest Gambo, but was instead severely beaten.
  • Gambo, Zooki, Anstiss
  • Gambo defeated Anstiss
  • Gambo wounded Anstiss
  • Characters interacted with each other
  • Characters interacted with each other (dialog)
    Dialog transcript
    Halt, citizens. I'm seeing double, but you all look like you can handle yourself. Officer Anstiss. Nice to... ouch... meet you. Apparently I've got enemies back at HQ.
    Got the unenviable task of arresting Gambo - Black Sun enforcer with a string of murders to his name. I've gone inside the Dealer's Den half a dozen times to confront him, and he's beaten me within a centimeter of my life each time.
    Hero of Tython
    Maybe I should talk to Gambo.
    A Jedi might at least make him think twice, if that's a serious offer. But Gambo doesn't talk, except with his fists.
    If an attack fails, you don't keep using it.
    Strategy for security officers is pretty much limited to shock sticks and neural bands. The Republic doesn't kill its criminals, even if they're asking for it.
    You don't look so good.
    My head's pounding and you're covered in spots. I've been better.
    Gambo's vicious, and he's been terrorizing this sector for months. As long as he's at-large, the public's not safe. I'd call for backup, but frankly, Gambo could tear through that whole cantina if he had a mind to. He needs to be talked down or knocked out if I'm going to arrest him. I'm no match, but you might have a shot.
    Hero of Tython
    We'll go talk to Gambo. You should get to a medcenter.
    I won't leave my post. I can't take Gambo, but I can keep tabs on him.
    No one sees Gambo without going through Zooki, his lookout. If you're lucky, Gambo might give you a few words before he starts swinging. Use them wisely.
  • Meteor, Voidhound, Aric Jorgan, Corso Riggs, Hero of Tython, T7-O1, Barsen'thor, Qyzen Fess, Anstiss
  • Characters interacted with each other (dialog)
    Dialog transcript
    Hero of Tython
    We need to talk to Gambo.
    Gambo doesn't like to be bothered. Republic security keeps bothering him. Gambo's getting angry. He tells me leave him alone, or I get thumped. I'm not getting thumped for you.
    We can handle Gambo. He won't hurt you.
    Okay. But I think we all get thumped.
    Said they had to see you, boss. Might have been talking to Republic security.
    Republic security already sent someone. I broke her. I'll break you, too. Tell Republic security my fists are tired. If you live.
    Force PersuadeYou don't want to fight us. You want to turn yourself in.
    I don't want to fight you. I gotta go turn myself in.
    Gambo! Wait! That's a dirty trick, Jedi.
  • Meteor, Voidhound, Aric Jorgan, Corso Riggs, Hero of Tython, T7-O1, Barsen'thor, Qyzen Fess, Zooki, Gambo
  • Coruscant Security Force captured Gambo
  • Characters interacted with each other (dialog)
    Dialog transcript
    Don't know what you said, but I almost died of shock when Gambo turned himself in.
    We're not taking any chances. There's a whole squad escorting him back to headquarters.
    I should call a medic before I pass out. Thanks for the help.
  • Meteor, Voidhound, Aric Jorgan, Corso Riggs, Hero of Tython, T7-O1, Barsen'thor, Qyzen Fess, Anstiss
This event took place shortly before the end of the Cold War
The Cold War
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
Coruscant Security Force
Planetary and Sector
Officer Anstiss
Minor Characters (TOR)
was assigned the task of arresting a Houk
Sentient Species
criminal named Gambo
Minor Characters (TOR)
. However, Anstiss believed that she had an enemy at CSF Headquarters as Gambo was known to be a brutal Black Sun
Black Sun
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
enforcer and murderer, and Anstiss was to arrest him by herself. She made several attempts to arrest Gambo inside the Dealer's Den cantina in the Old Galactic Market sector but was unable to subdue him. On her final attempt Gambo beat her severely, nearly killing her. With that, Anstiss retreated to outside the cantina and called for backup.
It was at that time that a group of Republic operatives
Republic Operatives
Temporary Unions
offered assistance to Anstiss. Entering the cantina, the operatives confronted Gambo and was able to convince him to surrender. The operatives then turned Gambo over to Anstiss, whose backup had finally arrived, and had the squad of CSF officers escort the criminal back to CSF Headquarters.
Anstiss thanked the operatives for their help and called for a medic unit for herself.
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