Escape from Myrkr (14)Full unit name: Escape from Myrkr
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First appearance: Thrawn Trilogy, Book 1 - Heir to the Empire
Relations: Myrkr
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In 9 ABY, Myrkr was located between Imperial and New Republic territory. During that time, Talon Karrde's organization had its main base on Myrkr. In the early phases of Grand Admiral Thrawn's campaign, Imperial forces moved on the world in order to secure supplies of ysalamiri.
After being contacted by Joruus C'baoth, Luke Skywalker departed for Jomark aboard his X-wing starfighter AA-589. However, he was intercepted nearly twenty light-years short of his destination by the Chimaera and an Immobilizer 418 cruiser. He escaped but was captured by Talon Karrde and his smugglers aboard the Wild Karrde. He was sent to Karrde's base on Myrkr but eventually escaped the base in a Skipray Blastboat. He was pursued by Mara Jade Skywalker in the Great Northern Forest. Meanwhile, Imperial forces had arrived in Talon Karrde's base and discovered the presence of Skywalker on the planet. After the crash of their Skipray Blastboats, the Jedi was captured by Mara Jade. They latter tried to go out the forest but both were attacked and captured by Thrawn's forces. They were conducted to Hyllyard City where they were rescued by Lando Calrissian and Karrde's smugglers.
By shooting on Imperial forces and helping the former Rebels, Karrde's smugglers had became enemies of the Empire. They were forced to evacuate Myrkr to Rishi. Consequently, Thrawn was free to settle on Myrkr to capture all the ysalamiri he needeed. In retaliation, Thrawn returned to Myrkr after the Battle of Sluis Van, using AT-STs and AT-ATs to invade the planet. But as Thrawn had expected, Karrde had left no trace.


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Full unit name: Escape from Myrkr Last updated: 14.08.2022 20:28:07