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First appearance: FFG Imperial Assault - The Bespin Gambit
Relations: Cloud City, Bespin


After the recent events the Empire tightened its grip on Cloud City significantly. ISB agents infiltrated most of the areas and stormtroopers established total contol over the population. Bespin Wing Guard was under total control of new Imperial overseers. Lando Calrissian, now a reluctant member of Rebel Alliance, asked the High Command to assist him in retrieving back top secret miliary codes, which Lando acquired when he was Baron Administrator of Cloud City. An agent, who was working for Lando, infiltrated ISB and acquired the codes, but contact with him been lost ever since. Due to potential importance of such codes, the HQ agreed to help, a team of elite operatives have been sent to Bespin aboard of Aka'jor-class shuttle, along with intellegence operatives Davith Erso and Murne Rin.
Upon arrival the team met with Lando near designated safehouse. On their way to resistance HQ they stumbled upon Imperial patrol, but were able to defeat them without being identified by destroying all security holocams in the area. When ISB agent Blaise arrived to the area, he didn't find any trace of insurgents.
When Lando brought the team to resistance HQ bunker, he told them he had a strong evidences that a double agent is working inside the resistance. He then asked them to investigate luxury compound where he thought double agent resided. Elso volunteered to lead the infiltration, while Murne Rin was tasked to lead distribution of pilfered Imperial supplies to nearby refugees - it was important both to support local populace and to win their support for the cause.
Elso and his team infiltrated the compound and avoiding guards, at large - thanks to the information provided by Lando's men - had made their way to the top-floor. They reached closed massive vault doors to what according to a scheme should had been the primary office where the safe was located. When he had managed to open the doors, to his astonishment inside he found "The Duke", his handler within Rebel intelligence. Duke tried to play for time, explaining his actions, but Elso didn't believe a word. The Duke attacked and in the ensuing fight Elso incapacitated his mentor with a flurry of lightning fast strikes. Then he hacked the safe and retrieved all the documents being stored there - along with what looked like ancient holocron. The team left Duke in the office, ran out of the compound toward the shuttle awaiting for them. Soon the were back at the resistance HQ, secret data secured once again. Unfortunately the data didn't contain anything either about the stolen codes or missing spy. Rin was already back, her mission was also a success. During the mission her team encountered Trandoshan slavers led by infamous bounty hunter Bossk himself. The Rebels prevailed, forcing Trandoshans to retreat and saving a lot of refugees from becoming a slaves, she was even presented with a battered cam droid by one of the saved refugees. Lando, Elso and Rin discussed the results and ended up greatly concerned - The Duke was known Rebel supporter for many years what made his betrayal even sadder. Also the presence of Bossk made Lando to assume that the codes he was back to return were even more important then he thought - it was unlikely that Bossk was being on Cloud City just to oversee slaver operations. Rin suggested that Bossk was contracted by Empire to find stolen codes, and the fact that Trandoshans were obviously working along the Imperials only added up to the probability of such version. They finally agreed to investigate Port Town, where according to Lando's informants, several smugglers disappeared a few days ago.
Next day Elso, Murne and a small squad of operatives descended to seedier levels of the city where Port Town was located. The suspicions have been confirmed after they eavesdropped the discussion between two Trandoshands that ISB allowed them to capture some "special stock" during their slave operations. The team has stealthily followed Trandoshans from Port Town through service tunnels until they reached the sector that Trandoshans converted to a temporary holding cells for a captured beings. The operatives charged in and engaged the slavers, who have been assisted by local Ugnaughts. The fight was brief, soon all Trandoshans were dead and their allies retreated. Rin led the search through the cells freeing those who have been hold there. In one of the cells they found a deactivated Lobot and removed his inhibitor chip. Lobot quickly returned back to active state and bowed in appretiation. As soon as last captive was freed, Bossk returned to the compound only to find that his comrades are all dead, slaves are freed and those who responsible were for that are still here. Lobot was last to the secret tunnel and slammed the door behind him. Undettered, the bounty hunter flashed a twisted grin and taunted Erso and Rin with what they believed be lost Rebel datapad. Bossk underestimated the threat and a few minutes later he squeezed his way through a jammed door, leaving part of his arm behind. Satisfied, Erso took the datapad from the Bossk's severed hand. After Rin ensured that no civilians were left behind, they left the compound through the tunnels.
Back in the HQ they looked through the datapad. It contained the communications between Rebel agents - codenames Sparrow and Dragon - both members of Rebel Intelligence on Cloud City. Sparrow claimed that he got Imperial codes and other classified information. He marked dead drop on the map where he planned to exchange the data with Dragon. The fate of both agents was still unknown, but at least now Rin and Erso knew where the codes had been held. As they prepared to comm Lando, a guerilla fighter ran into the bunker, shouting that Lando, while on separate mission of his own, was captured by ISB. The fighter also said that according to intercepted security footage, Lando was scheduled to be interrogated by ISB agent Blaise and then freezed in carbonite to be transferred offworld. Rin, Elso and other operatives quickly devised the only possible plan - Rin would go and retrieve the codes from secret dead drop, Elso and a group of operatives would go to ISB compound and free Lando.
With a help of sympathetic Ugnaughts Elso and his team reached the ISB compound where carbon-freezing chamber was already prepared to freeze Lando. Unnoticed they reached the cell where Lando had been held. When Lando was freed, they ran back to the grate they entered earlier only to be intercepted by Bossk, his hand almost regenerated. Bossk sounded the alarm - ISB agents, stormtroopers and Wing Guard members ran out from nearby rooms. The fight was tough, the operatives ran toward the freezing room - their previous way back was cut off - exchanging the blasts with their enemies. They reached the chamber where they have been met by Blaise himself - along with more stormtoopers. Lando quicky slammed the door they have entered to ensure they won't be attacked from behind by Bossk while Elso and his operatives attacked Blaise. Elso used Force Push, and Blaise flew through the air ending up in carbon freezing pit. Lando darted to the pit's controls and seconds later Blaise was safely encased in carbonite slab. Imperial troops shifted their priorities to protecting now-frozen Blaise which helped Elso, Lando and operatives to retreat back to where the came from and left the compound through the tunnels.
When they reached the HQ, Murne Rin was already there. She was able to retrieve the codes, despite the fact that she encountered Darth Vader himself, who definitely was also after the stolen codes. Only coordinated actions of Rin and her pilot allowed them to escape with their lifes. It was clear now that the codes were even more important than anticipated, if Darth Vader was after them in person - Rin immidiately began the transmission of the codes to Rebel High Command.
Lando sighed heavily. "I'm glad we recovered those codes, but there is something you should probably hear from me first. When they decypher that mess, my name is going to come up more than a few times. My smugglers haven't always been... ethical, and I was hoping to keep that in the past." Now it was clear that Lando returned to Cloud City to cover his tracks and tricked Rebel High Command into helping. But the critical intelligence was recovered, the Rebellion secured future services of Lando's smugglers and many citizens of Cloud City have been saved from slavery. This was definitely worth the effort. Elso and Rin was standing on the balcony staring into the clouds and watching the beldons were gliding, feeling peaceful first time since this mission began.

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