Justicar Injustice (15)Full unit name: Justicar Injustice
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
The Old Republic
Relations: Coruscant
Known Facts (12)
This event took place during the Cold War
The Cold War
Cold War (3653BBY - 3642BBY)
on the planet Coruscant
While a group of Republic operatives
Republic Operatives
Temporary Unions
were at Veshok Terrace Apartments sector of Justicars' territory, they were approached by a girl who said that her name was Renalda Agareth
Renalda Agareth
Minor Characters (TOR)
. She told the operatives that her 15 years old brother, Braedon
Braedon Agareth
Minor Characters (TOR)
, was indentured by the Justicars
Justicars' Brigade
Planetary and Sector
because he broke one of their stupid curfew laws and was forced to serve as low-level security or face exile. The operatives agreed to save this young man from his captors. Renalda added that to get to Braedon, they operatives would need some special belt
Security Belt
worn by all Justiciars - It was the only way to get past the security field where Braedon was.
The operatives arrived at the Shady Glen Estates area, where they were attacked by Justicar patrols. Having defeated them, the operatives took a security belt from one of the killed heavy gunners and went in search of the security office where a field generator was located. After finding the security office and fighting their way through the Justicar guards and their salky hounds
Salky Hound
, the operatives made it to level 2. Fighting their way through Justicar security personnel and security droids
CZS-A01 Security Droid
Old Republic Assassin Droid classes
, the operatives fought their way to the holding cells where Braedon Agareth was held. When they opened the cell and freed him, Braedon told them that the Justicars would simply capture him again if his name remained in their file of curfew violations, and for going AWOL they would torture or even kill him. He asked the operatives to delete his file from Justicar database, while he would go into hiding then contact Renalda when it was safe.
The operatives found the detainee terminal at the security office and deleted Braedon's curfew-breaker records. When they returned to Renalda, they told her that they had freed Braedon, but he went into hiding and would contact her when it was safe. The girl thanked them, saying that the operatives became her second-best friends.
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